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A whirlwind of a week

Brands respond to the chaos on Capitol Hill.

Be In The Know

In the wake of the January 6 events on Capitol Hill, we wanted to highlight some notable responses from brands and social media companies in addition to our usual Friday newsletter recap.

Top Posts of the Week

What We Learned

Monday: Copyblogger covered 10 content proofreading tips for modern content marketers. To touch on a few:

  • Proofread backwards.
  • Stop at every punctuation mark.
  • Scan the first word of each paragraph.
  • Verify spellings of people’s names.
  • Verify spellings of company names.

Tuesday: Search Engine Journal wrote about PPC strategies to try for your business in 2021. These include call recording, audience targeting, remarketing & customer match, and dynamic search ads.

Wednesday: Jeff Bullas shared 9 winning strategies for increasing customer lifetime value. Among them are:

  • Optimize your onboarding.
  • Make customer-centric content.
  • Customer service counts.
  • Reward customer loyalty.

Join The Conversation

Kim wants to know, “How is everyone’s marketing and PR department approaching the democratic crisis?”

Amelia asked, “When social media is your JOB, how do you take a break?”

Becky wrote, “I’m curious, did senior level staff or your CEO’s reach out to staff [January 6th or 7th] acknowledging the coup?”

Anna is wondering, “If your boss gave you an extra $100k a month in your budget to bring in more clients – and let you put it wherever you want – where would you put it and why?”

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