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Aaaaand We’re Back

A day late, but we’re back! Better late than never, amirite?

Welcome back from the break!

We were supposed to be back yesterday, but…well…we had some technical issues. 🙈Sorry about that. Anyway, we’re back with a killer newsletter. Here’s what to expect in today’s:

  • Orbit Media recently published data on the state of blogging in 2018.
  • Ahref’s spent $50k on podcast advertising. AND, they wrote about their experience
  • Apple is going longform with a 3-minute ad.

Dive in 👇

Blogging Statistics and Trends: The 2018 Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

Can you believe… that 2018 is almost over? *cue Jonathan from Queer Eye*

The end of another year brings lists and studies of what works and what doesn’t in the content creating world. When it takes over THREE hours to write a blog post (on average), knowing the tips and tricks that work for successful bloggers is a must.

With that said, Orbit Media is diving into what makes a blogger successful and what they do to get there. So if you’re a blogger, keep on readin’!

Trend #1: Invest In Yo-Self
Here’s the tea: Bloggers that spend six or more hours on a post are 56% more likely to report ‘strong results’ than those who spend less time.

If you’re calling it a day after an hour, try investing more time to see if the results vary from your norm.

As far as the length of a single post, one in five bloggers write 1500+ words per article. But when time is of the essence, is that really necessary?

The research says heck yes. More than half of the bloggers who write 2000+ word pieces report strong results.

Trend #2: Check Yo-Self
As a blogger, do you edit your content? If you have a formal editing process, you’re doing it right. Bloggers who work with editors are 50% more likely to see stronger results than those who do not.

Also, Marketers who go back and refresh their old content are twice as likely to report strong results on their content. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

TONS more to learn here. Do yourself a favor and read ‘em all. 💃

Podcast Advertising: $51,975 Spent. Here’s What We Learned

It’s a true blessing when businesses spend thousands on testing marketing strategies and share what works (so you don’t have to). 🙏

On that note, let’s chat about Ahref’s $52,000 podcast marketing adventure. With 44% of the US population listening to podcasts, it could be the next big thing for your business.

Attempt #1

  • Cost: $14,000
  • Move: Sponsoring a special offer on 5 different podcasts
  • Outcome: ROI was not a thing here. With a result of 339 page views and 11 trial signups, the overall mood of the team was a face-palm.

But, wait!! There was an interesting point: Over time, the company heard from existing users and random people alike that they remembered the company’s mention in their fave podcast. The takeaway here was brand awareness.

Attempt #2

  • Cost: $37,775
  • Move: Podcast research, outreach, partnership development
  • Outcome: A ton of lessons learned. This is the point where they dove right into the world of podcast advertising, with some noteworthy takeaways:
  1. Podcasts get full FAST. With selective ad space available (and some podcasts not even looking for sponsorship), it’s important to do your podcast research and reach out ASAP.
  2. Pricing is all over the place. Each show has its own pricing model and required sponsorship period. Finding this out also requires some digging and research.
  3. Ad requirements vary. Some podcasts ask for a script ahead of time. Others will request the product and info about it so they can talk about it in their own way. Organic voice + a podcast = the best move.

With a $37,000 price tag, you bet there are plenty more takeaways…

Share Your Gifts

Apple recently launched an ad that we think marketers, especially, can relate to. This animated tv spot features a young woman creating something special on her Mac. But like every good story, there’s a tiny issue. This young woman is too afraid to share her talent with anyone.

Be honest now. Have you ever created content, maybe a graphic, or pretty much anything and you became too afraid to share it? Yeah, us too.

Like all good companions, her doggo gets a little mischievous so the world can finally see his owners work. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving this ad hit #12 in Youtube’s top trending list. It’s both heartwarming and relatable on so many levels. Give it a watch👇

“Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.”

Marc Mathieu

Ads from the Past

Serious eye roll action happening over that headline. This Honeywell Kitchen Computer ad came out in 1969.


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