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Above (or Below) the Fold 🗞

It’s an age-old design tactic for a reason. So how’s your homepage doin’?

Be in the Know

Website Design: Above or Below the Fold?

When it comes to anything visual in the world of marketing and design, you have probably heard the phrase “above the fold.” It’s old printing lingo meaning all the good stuff is above the fold of a newspaper. When it comes to digital design, though, the concept still applies.

How to Find Your Fold (aka, the Scroll)

Above the scroll is the content of a page that can be seen without scrolling. So it’s up to you to make sure the content is good enough to get them to scroll past it. How do you do it? Remember that 80% of time spent on a site is spent above the fold and attention often wanes as someone scrolls.

Ways to ensure your content is strong above the scroll:

  • Updating and testing your content often
  • Heatmap/Scrollmap tools
  • Helpful navigation cues

What to Include “Above the Scroll”

  • Your Brand Logo
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Navigation Tools/Menus
  • Calls to Action
  • Contact Information (when possible)

What About “Below the Scroll”?

  • Include captivating content throughout your page that is secondary to your above the fold content.
  • If you have secondary or repeating CTAs, include them below.
  • Contact Information again in the footer (as many people are accustomed to finding it there)

Above the scroll applies to almost every page on a site, but especially home pages and landing pages. Check out the full video and post by Thee Digital for more tips.

Q for You

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Let Imaginations Run Free

The LEGO Foundation had a question: Can play really come from anywhere and anything?

Kids have a talent for entertaining themselves with nothing at all, just their imaginations. So what can they make out of a plain roll of paper? This ad is to encourage the LEGO Foundation’s #PlayPledge where families and organizations can make more time for play so kids can exercise their creativity and problem-solving more often.

Ads from the Past

1967, Campbell’s


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