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Accessibility misconceptions, engaging your employees on social media, and vacation Santa.

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4 Accessibility Misconceptions from Brands

Our job as designers, researchers, and product managers is to make our work accessibile. There are no downsides to accessibility and still brands are getting it wrong. Why is that?

There still some corners that are easy to cut because of misconceptions about accessibility. Let’s get into the biggest four:

  1. “Accessibility only helps a fraction of my users”: According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1 billion people worldwide, 15% of the total population, live with disabilities. Those aren’t small numbers, people.
  2. “Building in accessibility isn’t worth the time”: If you “bake in” accessibility into projects from the beginning, it reduces rework. So standardizing accessible components increases operational efficiency. Plus, accessibility spurs innovation. Touch screens, text-to-speech, audiobooks, electronic toothbrushes, and voice controls were all born out of accessibility.
  3. “We don’t NEED to be compliant”: Yikes! That’s not just a misconception, it’s a mistake. Accessibility lawsuits are no joke and have seen an increase over the years. Compliancy ends up saving you from that risk. We can’t stress enough that building in accessibility from the start will save you both time and money.
  4. “There is no ROI on accessibility”: Those 61 million people is a significant untapped market if your digital properties aren’t accessible to them. Improving accessibility issues could end up impacting your revenue overall.

So it’s time to shake off the misconceptions and keep accessibility from being an afterthought in your work. Own accessibility as an essential part of your process and a shared responsibility of the team.

For specific examples and advice on how to bring accessibility to the forefront, check out the full Customer Experience Magazine article.

Q for You

How do you like “ironed out,” minimalized logos like Cadillac’s latest emblem?

PostBeyond for Your Employee Advocacy in 2022

Marketers know that a successful employee advocacy strategy rests on employees who are engaged on social media. But if your employees don’t catch on in the beginning, your employee advocacy efforts might fail. It’s hard to grow your reach on social without initial momentum.

PostBeyond is an easy way to enable your employees to share content on social media. They have solutions for marketing, sales teams, and HR to help you out. Even better, they have free resources to share!  

Check out their latest eBook to help you launch or fine-tune your employee advocacy efforts with a high employee engagement rate using these 3 tactics:

  1. Creating content your employees will want to share
  2. Gamifying to add, retain and grow employee advocates
  3. Simplifying processes to accelerate content distribution and sharing

Ask Away

Do you know your audience? Do you know if you’re making them happy?

Maybe it’s time to ask them!

Scalemail Polls is a polling system that you can integrate into your existing email or site, so you can ask all the Q’s your heart desires to your audience.

Want to see it in action? Ask us for a demo!

A Sassy Santa Hotel Stay

Live the good life with Santa with some bubbly and big ol’ lobster claws. Santa traded in his sleigh for a vacay. Virgin Hotels released an ad series of Santa taking a holiday during the holidays. The series is saying “you come to him” this year because his hotel stay is too good to wanna leave.

Ads from the Past

1937, Lukcy Strike

“Accessible design is good design – it benefits people who don’t have disabilities as well as people who do. Accessibility is all about removing barriers and providing the benefits of technology for everyone.”

Steve Ballmer


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