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Add a little ✨spice✨ to your TikToks

Boosting your TikTok content! Plus – Let’s talk ads on dating apps ❤️

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Personify Your Product: Humanize Your Brand Through TikTok

Do you want to put a face to a (brand) name? PLANOLY released a new part to their PLANOLY Presents series. In this episode, Zaria Parvez, Social Media Coordinator of Duolingo, shares how to humanize your brand through social video. Zaria and Duolingo have done a great job of turning their TikTok content into a huge, follow-worthy account, so she knows a thing or two about it.

There’s more to social media than a set formula. To reach people in a personal way, you have to use social media like them.

  • Consume like a user and a marketer – Check out viral videos, trends, and read newsletters to understand what people are doing right.
  • Stop trying to sell your product. Have fun instead! Put entertainment first to build audience trust.
  • TikTok demands a lot of content and frequency from the start (Duolingo started with twice a day).
  • Take breaks if you’re feeling burnt out. Crappy content doesn’t help anyone.
  • Engage with your (and other TikTok) comments to feed your brand’s TikTok personality.

But if we had to name a formula…use Flicker, Flash, Flare: 

Flicker Content: This is produced quickly and often follows trends.

  • Hot Tip: If an audio has more than 30k video views, it’s up and coming
  • Keep checking the discover page for trends.

Flash Content: This is more episodic content.

  • More on the branded side and can be product-focused to a point.
  • Requires a lot of build-up to make a character ecosystem (you can’t jump right in).

Flare Content: These are more large-scale campaigns or challenges.

  • Not recommended until you’ve gained a following (though some brands have used partnerships to use other account audiences).

Wanna keep up with more social media insights? There are still two more live workshops from PLANOLY on February 9th and 16th. Don’t miss out and register for them today!

Q for You

Have you advertised on dating apps before?

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Ads from the Past

1969, Champu Sindo

“The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”

Haroon Rashid


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