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We’re sharing a Team Carney case study, plus all things web dev.

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How to Align Your Website with Your Brand (case study)

Incoming advice from the minds at Team Carney. Shout out to our friends at BILT® who gave us the green light to share with y’all – Let’s do this!

BILT is an app startup that provides 3D intelligent instructions for products requiring assembly, installation, repair, troubleshooting or maintenance. This crew made it easier to digest instructions from putting a backyard swing set together or assembling home furnishings.

The Painpoint

In 3-seconds, the BILT team wanted to convey what 3D interactive instructions were about. Here’s the thing, words got in the way of the aha moment. BILT needed a website to show rather than tell.

The Objectives

  • Demonstrate the interactivity that makes BILT a superior customer experience. 
  • Using a 15-second video featured on the top of the homepage to convey app interactivity to desktop visitors (quick load time being key).
  • Offer manufacturers access to a Client Portal from the main site.
  • Show BILT as a credible solution major brands are already using and instill a sense of FOMO for B2B targets. 

The Solution

Understanding BILT’s goals and objectives, Team Carney got to work with delivering a custom WordPress site. 

A key conversion goal was to drive brands to become partners with BILT and utilize the platform for their interactive instructions. Our focus became streamlining the navigation with only three main choices:

  • Login (for existing B2B customers)
  • Partner With Us (for prospective B2B customers)
  • Download (for end-users who need to install the app)

With this goal in mind, we also featured: 

  • Prominent call-outs and contact forms to make the initial introduction simple. 
  • Snippets of existing brand partners throughout the site.
  • Links in the header/footer, plus a separate landing page with prominent call-outs for interested users to download the app.

Smash the button for the whole picture and detailed takeaways as we assisted BILT with a fresh website. 

Build a Better Site with Elementor

We’re about to spill secret sauce – ready? One of the main tools used in the project with BILT was a nifty tool is called Elementor. Like we said above, among other important tasks, the BILT team needed the ability to make changes to their own site.

We turned to Elementor as it offers the ability to edit pages in a completely visual way. And hang on to your socks folks ’cause there’s more to this tool…

  • Control every aspect of your web design workflow from one place
  • Reap the power of 100% visual design
  • Build websites that load faster, and speed up the process of building them
  • Offer pixel perfect design, yet produces 100% clean code
  • Integrate your site with your favorite marketing tools – generate more traffic, leads & conversions.

Can you tell we’re big fans?

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