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A Content Plan for Your Instagram

We’re gonna get right to it today.

Instagram likes consistency when it comes to posting. A Talewind study found that brands who post once a day get substantially more engagement. Duh, right?

But, posting once a day takes time and energy.

{{ Insert any inspirational quote on planning here }}

The name of the game is consistency and committing to the long haul.

To help you commit, allow us to introduce the VALUE framework.

“The VALUE framework lets you quickly create an Instagram content plan for five weeks at a time. It also ensures that your followers find something worthwhile in their feed, so they click to your site for more valuable content.”

Value is an acronym for:

  • Valuable: content that educates your audience.
  • Aspirational: tangible content to help attain a vision or a goal.
  • Lifecycle: build awareness, nurture relationships, or encourage action.
  • Unique: branded content based on your business.
  • Evergreen: timely, relevant, and built to last.

If you lay the Value framework out as a grid, you’ll be able to easily assign a day to each letter.

And voila, your Instagram content strategy just got a little easier.

Make sure to dive in deeper below.

We'll see you next Tuesday.

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Instagram Caption Writer

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

This tool allows you to create beautiful Instagram captions with hassle-free numbered lists and line breaks.

Try Something New

“The point is…try something new, look stupid, challenge yourself and have a good time.”

Check out Yeti’s new long-form spot featuring pro snowboarder Robin Van Gyn directed by skateboarding legend Stacey Peralta.

It’s a feel-good ad that’s all about shifting your perspective.

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