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Amazing Content Inspiration

Sometimes, you just need some inspiration…

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7 Ways to Get Amazing Content Inspiration

What’s shaken, folks? Our writers did another collab with miss Caryl Anne Crowne and the piece is bangin’ if we say so ourselves.

One of the frustrating things about marketing is when your content strategy suffers all because the inspiration well runs dry. We just hate it when that happens. So where do ya go to get great inspo?

Caryl Anne has a few suggestions for ya:

  1. Pinterest. We’ll say this once. Pinterest is not a social platform, it is a search engine.
  2. Blog Subscriptions. Become your ideal customer. What would they subscribe to? Get exposed to the content your ideal audience is exposed to and capitalize on it.
  3. Social Media Groups. Discover relevant content and use tools like Airstory to keep tabs on it.
  4. Follower Feedback. Put your big boy/girl pants on and ask for input. Yes, it’s time-consuming and maybe even awkward at first, but the pay off of stronger engagement is more important.
  5. Use Your Competition. Now don’t be a copycat. When you’re comparing your strategies to a competitors’, your goal is to do better. Not just steal what they’re doing. One really cool way to check out the competition is using the Info and Ads function in Facebook.
  6. Trending Keywords + Phrases. The tool for this job is Google Trends.
  7. Dive Deep. This one covers micro-content. Capitalizing on general content with smaller pieces that get more specific or express a different angle.

There’s a snapshot of 7 ways to get content inspiration. Smash the button for more details and how-tos!

5 Instagram Marketing Trends Changing the Industry in 2019

Just when ya think you’re all caught up on Insta’s ever-changing features and trends, there’s a new batch of ‘em right around the corner.

To prepare marketers for what to expect on Instagram in 2019, Sprout Social did some diggin’ and found a few key answers. To make your future Instagram campaigns as successful as they can be, take a seat and keep reading.

Utilize Stories To Their Fullest

It’s no secret that people loooove their Instagram stories, especially in video format (video content can result in 1,200% more shares than images and text). The great thing about them is that they don’t need to be super fancy to be good… just ~relatable~ and attention-grabbing.  

A newer feature that’ll only get hotter in the new year: sponsored stories. These promotional banners  will show up when users scroll through stories of people they follow. Be sure to test the waters of Instagram story polls: ask your followers questions and even link back to your website.

Make Your Page Super Shoppable
Are you one of the 70% of Instagram users that makes purchases on their phone? Then you’ll understand why it’s relevant now more than ever to make your Instagram shoppable.

Having followers buy through your Instagram page is one of the best forms of engagement. It’s also a win-win with bringing people to your website. Just imagine if Cher from Clueless had an Instagram… 🛍

Two tips down, three more you need to know…

Once Upon a Deadpool

If you’ve seen either of the Deadpool movies, you know that they’re rated R. Certainly not appropriate for kids.

But, for a few weeks in December, Deadpool is coming back to theaters in PG-13 fashion. Much more suitable for the youngsters. To promote that, Deadpool grabbed Fred Savage and recreated a scene from Princess Bride. Why? Because Princess Bride is the best movie ever (duh).

If that hasn’t caught your attention, we don’t know what else will…

“Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.”

Brian Chesky

Ads from the Past

The best cooking discovery since fire, eh? Yeah, we’d totally agree with that. This ad for the Amana Radarange microwave came out in the 1970s!


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