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Are there holes in your marketing automation? PLUS daily data on just about anything.

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Upgrade Your Marketing Automation Knowledge


When it comes to automation, there are so many opportunities to save you time and headaches. Are you missing out on strong workflows?

Work Your Flow 2022 is a free marketing automation bootcamp brought to you by 10 digital marketing experts. Across two days (December 6th-7th) of online sessions, well show you how to apply different automation techniques to optimize all of your key digital marketing channels.

This event is a must-attend if youre a marketer, or lead a team of marketers, and you want to save precious human-hours by taking advantage of the latest marketing automation flows. Whether youre a marketing decision maker, multi-channel marketer or specialized in one of the niches well be covering in the event, theres something to learn for everyone!

Sign up now to learn from our experts about:

  • What should be automated, and what’s best to keep manual
  • Fostering an automate-first culture
  • Online reputation management automation
  • ECommerce and referral automation
  • Automating full-cycle social media management
  • Marketing report automation
  • Using automation for growth

Theres still time to grab free tickets for Mentions Work Your Flow marketing automation BootCamp happening next week. Sign up while you still can!

Q for You

Where do you think you could use more automation in your workflows?

Visual Capitalist

Learn something new everyday with new charts and infographics on just about anyhing you can think of.

Visual Capitalist is site that publishes different infographics on a variety of topics including markets, platforms, industries, and tech. Give it browse for new and interesting graphics like this one about Gen Z’s favorite brands:

We Got You

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? Are they so small you can only see the favicon?

We get it. You have a lot going on and your tabs can attest to that fact.

But you don’t have to keep so many tabs on so many different things.Just let us know how Carney can help cover some ground for you.

Language Mistakes = Majestic Learning

Duolingo in Japan created a pop-up museum in Tokyo called The Museum of Wonky English. It features some of the country’s best examples of mistranslations. The ad for the pop-up and social campaign uses an art critic approach explaining the beauty in some of these incredible sentence goofs.

Ads from the Past

1940, Campbell’s


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