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Everything you need to know about content syndication, plus the boys are back to school.

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Your Guide to Content Syndication

Sometimes you wanna get your content to the masses, right? You need some content syndication in your life. Content syndication is publishing your online content on a third-party platform. The big benefits are to grow your traffic, grow your brand awareness, and generate more leads.

It’s a marketing quid pro quo. The third-party site gets your sick content to plug with your byline, and your content gets a whole new set of eyeballs on it. Content syndication can mean:

  • Republishing a piece entirely 
  • Publishing a shorter version of the piece
  • Posting an excerpt or summary from the original piece

It’s as simple as a copy and paste situation, though. It takes a strategy, so let’s get into it.

  • The content has to be link-worthy. Ensure that the content you make is relevant, high quality stuff that other sites would want to post. 
  • The platforms should be a right fit. What sites would your target audience read? Then what would those platforms publish?
  • The content has to be tagged properly. The method of tagging helps tell search engines the content isn’t plagiarized. Use a rel=canonical tag, a meta no index tag, or regular backlinks.
  • The performance needs to be tracked. Engagement, qualified leads, conversion rate, and win rate are the biggies to keep up with from your syndicated content.
  • The strategy should evolve. Try different methods and platforms, or reuse them as needed. 

So we said it takes some finessing. Sometimes syndication could actually work against you. We advise to screen sites ahead of time and be wary of the risk that your syndicated content could outrank your original content SEO-wise. 

We can’t fit everything about syndication, but G2 can! Their Learn Hub piece is chock full of examples and specifics, so check it out!

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Oh my God, they’re back to school

HP has been getting pretty creative to advertise their Instant Ink services. This time around, it’s throwing back sweet 90’s nostalgia with their own rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” Their version is all about the back-to-school season for parents. But this just isn’t about ink, it’s about their “HP Pays Your PTA” program that helps fundraise for PTA’s across the nation. Overall, we can’t resist a good cause…or a sick jam.

Ads from the Past

1930, Vaseline

“Finding the human at the center of your story can absolutely set your business apart.”

Ann Handley


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