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How To Do Content Marketing on a Budget

What’s a Tuesday without a podcast from Neil Patel and Eric Sui. We’ll tell ya what, it would be a very uneventful one.

The pair of marketing gurus are at it again with their usual educational antics. Making marketing jobs a little easier five minutes at a time.

Today we’re learning how to keep those budgets in line and leverage different content strategies.

(1:00) How Eric Sui reworks his content marketing strategy after making some budget cuts.

If you only get around 5000 visits per month then consider a partnership over guest posts. With partner collabs, it’s as simple as you share their post and they share your post.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be blogs but something of equal value.

(1:40) Kissmetrics grew to 1.3 million visitors by reaching out to contributors within the industry and asked if they would write for Kissmetrics as well. In trade, the contributed blogs would be heavily promoted on social.

Many people would be willing to write for free in exchange for publicity.

(2:30) If you want to keep your blogging on a personal level then outside collaborators and guest bloggers aren’t the way to go. But consistency is key whether you blog once a week or once a month.

(3:15) Curate the best writers by looking for those who are writing long-form pieces that are heavily researched.

You can begin this search by creeping on writers who are sharing things on Reddit (obvi, specific to your industry). Just make sure you are setting the bar high. Like really high.

(3:50) Other tools you can use are Infogram or Canva. When looking at a blog that is super rich in data, turn it into an infographic, and just make sure you cite the original source.

Use Buzzsumo to find who shared the original article and reach out to that crew to see if they are interested in sharing your infographic version as well.

(4:35) Content Re-usage Framework is a strategy too cool for school when trying to save the dolla bills. Get the message out by repurposing content.

You know that five minutes it takes to make coffee. That’s when you should give this a quick listen.

Conversational Marketing: How a Messaging Strategy Will Grow Your Business

Time to look into the future, friends. And by future, we mean like 20 minutes from now because today’s topic isn’t the next wave in marketing, it’s the wave happening right now. If you’re still paddling toward it, turn around and catch the wave right now.

The wave we’re talking about is Conversational Marketing. That term was invented by chat company, Drift, but it’s gaining some serious steam. And today HubSpot is giving us the full scoop on it.

So what is it?

Conversational Marketing is exactly what it sounds like…having 1:1 conversations with your customers across a bunch of channels and devices. For example, some companies are starting Slack groups, using Facebook Messenger, installing chatbots, etc. etc.

The difference between Conversational Marketing and content marketing is that the conversation happens on the customer’s time. So if a customer wants to start a conversation at 7 am and then finish at 9 pm, they should be able to.

As Dharmesh Shah says, “Customers should be able to pick up things right where they left off whenever it is convenient for them to continue.”

Conversational Marketing Matches Mobile Behavior

People are shopping, browsing the internet, consuming video content on mobile phones. Chatbots and live chat are built for these devices. When your customer is browsing your website on a mobile device, it’s a lot easier to start a chat than scroll through your website to find an email or phone number to call.

An important thing to know: Conversational Marketing isn’t just live chat. You can build chatbots to deliver content, help users answer common questions, and ask questions to uncover more about your audience. When any of these are done in a conversational way, they’re really effective.

If you want to see a few examples of Conversational Marketing that isn’t live, go to Drift’s website and engage with their bot. Or, download the Quartz app, which is a news app that delivers the news in a conversational style.

Dive into the rest of this post from HubSpot to learn more (specifically how you can take an inbound approach to Conversational Marketing).

Gheelish Any Dish

Remember when adding bleeps to a reality shows made it way more entertaining? Then using the same bleep methodology in a commercial should kill it! Right?

That’s what Ghee is thinking.

Oh yea, let us clarify… Ghee is merely Clarified Butter in a jar. The brand hijacked Youtube cooking influencers and swapped out any references to other oils with a bleeped out “Ghee!”

Their big win? Selling something people are already using but delivering it differently.

Hmm, kind of like serving up marketing content that you already like but making it way more chill.

“Don’t tell me content marketing is dead if you’re still doing it wrong.”

Sonia Simone

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