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Bears on a Plane 🐻

First it was snakes, now it’s bears.

Mobile-First Storytelling: How To Narrate Your Business Story on The Small Screen

2019 is literally a hop skip and a jump away, so it’s time to figure out what’s next for your business.

Think about this: most consumers are constantly on-the-go (like you might be doing right now) and spend time endlessly scrolling through their phones (like you might be doing right now), why wouldn’t you adapt your storytelling to the small screen?

In order to make 2019 the year your business thrives, it’s time to focus on mobile storytelling before anything else. Basically, mobile storytelling = ❤️. But, where to start? Have no fear, AdEspresso has some ideas, just scroll down.

1) Start With Text
With less space to work with, you won’t want to be focusing on endless paragraphs of words. Make your stuff readable. Say bye to lengthy sentences and hello to short words and phrases. Break it up with headers and bullet points while you’re at it.

This also applies to headlines. Each word that you choose for your headline is important, so choose wisely. With only 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention, make them feel like they’ll have FOMO if they don’t click on your content.

2) Focus On The Visuals
The images you use can really make or break whether someone interacts with your content. Try before and after photos or really dig for the photos that could spark emotion in readers.

Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable *cue any Drake song* and tell your business’s personal story to your audience (if appropriate). Everyone loves a relatable brand.

3) Get Into Video
This is a MUST. Especially if you’re targeting millennials (which 48% of watch videos only on their mobile devices).

The options for mobile videos are seemingly limitless. Try anything from a Facebook or Instagram Live to a Snapchat or Instagram story (who doesn’t enjoy a good Boomerang?).

Looking for more ways to go mobile-first? Click! That! Button!

Twitter Advanced Search Techniques Brands Need to Know About

Fact of the day: there are over 8,000 tweets tweeted every. Single. Second. WHAT?!

It’s an understatement to say Twitter moves at a fast pace. Try roadrunner status. Or a cheetah that just drank an entire case of Red Bull. Regardless, Twitter can be an amazing platform for your business, especially if utilized correctly.

Bet you didn’t know Twitter has an advanced search option (but if you do, you’re ahead of the game. Bravo.). If you need a crash-course in how to navigate it, you’re in the right place.

Twitter’s advanced search lets you search beyond a hashtag. Searching by just a hashtag can be a never-ending black hole that you want no part of.

Essentially, Twitter Advanced Search = Search Engine

You can search by keyword, phrases, and more all in real-time through an advanced search.

For brands to correctly use this search to its fullest potential, here are some things to note:

1) 🙂🙁
Emotions are rarely hidden in the Twitterverse. You can determine what users are saying about you by searching your business name + a smiley or frowny face. TG for the original emojis.

2) Keep Tabs On Convos
Looking to reference a convo you remembered having with another user? Simply advance search their account name and BAM! There it is. No filing system needed.

3) No Need To @ Me
People that are tweeting about you aren’t always @-ing you (yea, that’s a verb). Never miss another mention again (especially if it’s negative): save an advanced search and include your business name and its misspellings (not everyone proofreads their tweets) and your website.

4) Q & A
The more interactive you are, the more credible your brand, especially when it comes to answering questions and concerns. Make sure to advance search your “@account” and words like “help” and “support” or even a “?” to see what people really want to know from you.

Searching to know more? You know the deal. Click it. ↓↓↓

The Bears Return

Dang, the airline industry is really hitting our emotion buttons this time of year. Remember the one from Scandinavian Airlines?

Today’s Watch features Heathrow Airport’s popular (and freakin’ adorable) bears. In this one, the two oldest in the bear family are enjoying retirement in sunny Florida, but they’re missing their family back home in London.

So, they do what any normal bear would do and hop on a flight back home to surprise their family.

Find 95 seconds today to watch this one…

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

Ken Robinson

Ads from the Past

Can’t imagine many car companies in 2018 would advertise a sedan as a “great tow car.” But in the ’70s, before SUVs were a thing and trucks weren’t as common, you had to tow your camper with something. So…you get this.


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