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How has COVID-19 affected the products and services you offer?

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Three ways businesses impacted by COVID-19 can prepare for a possible boom

Whatever happened to Kelis? You know, the singer whose milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard? Perhaps she had to close up shop during the pandemic. At least she has a loyal customer base that will inevitably come back to the yard.

Your customers will come back to your yard too. Perhaps not because you’re slingin’ shakes, but because they miss your business as you miss theirs. So before the floodgates open back up for businesses, Econsultancy is sharing three ways businesses impacted by COVID-19 can prepare for a possible boom.

  • Maintain relationships using content. While the entire world faces disruption, strategies need to shift. Many businesses can’t just carry on as usual, so what about their customers and audiences? Here’s where content comes in clutch. Diverting focus to content creation allows us to continue reaching our customers and desired audiences and discover new avenues for business. For example, some restaurants offer kits with instructions or even online classes on how to make beloved recipes. To deliver great content you must meet people where they are. And if you can meet people where they are, you can more easily adapt with them.
  • Invest in lead gen now to fill the pipeline. Even if your business is temporarily halted, there is likely still demand for your products and services. By focusing on building up your pipeline, you’ll ensure you’re met with plenty of business when planet Earth gets the green light. People are eager to continue patronizing their favorite businesses. If you can add these people to your email list, then you can nurture them and keep them up to date on your reopening plan. 
  • Turn lemons into lemonade, even if it doesn’t make money. At the end of the day, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Just doing what you can for productivity’s sake can be helpful even if it doesn’t mean the usual revenue stream. Think of experiences you can provide for your customers to build excitement for what lies ahead or just to reward them for being loyal to your business. American Airlines started a wine club featuring wines serves onboard its aircraft. The point here wasn’t to recoup losses from the economic downturn. Instead, they focused on remaining top-of-mind with customers and offering a taste of the in-flight experience.

We could teach you the rest, but we’d have to charge. Only kidding. Read on for some examples.

Convert Case

Words are effective conduits for channeling emotion. EVEN WRITTEN WORD CAN CONVEY NUANCES TYPICALLY EXHIBITED IN SPEECH. No, we weren’t “writing loud.” We just left caps lock on to illustrate the point. If you’ve left caps lock on too, then don’t despair. Convert Case will fix it so your readers don’t think you’re yelling at them.

Just copy the text you wrote after you accidentally hit caps lock, and paste it into the text field to achieve your desired format. Not only can you fix your text, but you can choose from a variety of cases as well. GIVE IT A WHIRL.


What do medieval knights and inboxes have in common? Chain mail.

It spreads like fire and it even existed pre-internet. But not all emails are made simply to fool people.

Heck, maybe you want to share your own newsletter that doesn’t include a ghost haunting the recipient if they don’t send it to 10 friends. (Although, maybe you could give that a try if you find the right ghost influencer.)

The point is, there’s an easier way to grow your email list, and we use it in our newsletter every day. And just as Scalemail works for us, it can work for you.


Edward Scissorhands was dealt an odd hand to say the least. It sounds like something chosen in a bizarre “would you rather” scenario. We wonder what option might have countered literal scissors for hands.

Cadillac brings us a very familiar character in this Super Bowl ad. He’s got scissors for hands, but his name is Edgar. He was certainly cut out for this hands-free driving commercial.

Ads from the Past

1984, RJ’s and Company Dating Service

“Investigate. Innovate. And then communicate.”

George Farris


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