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An exercise in Monday motivation.

How To Use Neuromarketing To Connect With Your Audience

After sending our readers that personal—and very candid—Carnage last week, it seems like the perfect time to talk neuromarketing. Because we all want to connect better to our audience, right?

Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Neuromarketing is simply using knowledge of how the brain works to improve your marketing. It’s basically the “why” behind the actions people take on your website. The best part of neuromarketing is that it’s really easy to implement. You’re likely already using some of these tactics and don’t even know it.

Today’s Listen is an interview with Roger Dooley, a neuromarketing expert. Among other things, Roger gives advice on how you can use neuromarketing to build a stronger connection with your audience. Stronger connection = more sales.

All yours Rog’…

  • (2:08) What is neuromarketing?
  • (4:25) Reciprocity, social proof, and authority are three neuromarketing techniques that you can easily employ today.
  • (6:32) Case studies are great neuromarketing pieces when they’re written as a story. Don’t create your case study like a research paper.
  • (8:47) If you’re writing content or optimizing your website for SEO, make sure your language matches your audience. Often companies and consumers don’t use the same language.
  • (11:55) Even if you’re a B2B company, you can still market with emotion because, at the end of the day, you’re still marketing to humans. Buying decisions are still made by emotion.
  • (13:36) People buy from who they trust, and just using the word “trust” in your ad copy, can increase trust in your brand.
  • (15:52) If you can use social proof that is based on emotion, rather than fact, it is more persuasive.
  • (22:20) What makes for a powerful Call-to-Action? Testing. A/B testing. Don’t follow best practices because they’re not created for your specific audience. Just test it yourself.
  • (24:48) How you can get started with neuromarketing.

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers

With that long weekend behind us, who else is dragging their feet out of the gate? We have a feeling we’ll be crawling our way to the coffee maker all day. An actual video of the Carney crew by 9am today.

No worries, we’ve got a Read that’s gonna give you some momentum—a list of Chrome extensions that’ll help your stay focused and motivated, as well as streamlining your tasks and improving content quality. A few of these definitely got us like…

Better yet? All but one is $free.99.

Here are a few of them below:

  1. Check My Links tests links you post (or plan to post) in your articles, ensuring they work. Broken links are highlighted in red, problematic links in yellow, and good links in green.
  2. Momentum is a b-e-a-utiful personal dashboard that helps you eliminate distractions. It launches every time you open a new Chrome tab, reminding you of the tasks you need to accomplish that day. Every morning it asks you, “What is your main focus for today?” You can also add tasks to your to-do list.
  3. The Grammarly extension helps you prevent typos and spelling errors when you post content to your social media accounts or blog. ::Quickly clicks “Add to Chrome” button::
  4. Discoverly gives you the complete social media profile for people you’re interested in connecting with. It also integrates with Gmail so you can view social media information when you open a contact’s email. Save the social media creepin’ for another time…

20 of the World’s Funniest Ads You Might Have Missed This Year

Oh yeah, twenty. We’re not messing around.

This collection of comical advertisements were honored at the 2017 Epica Awards, selected by a jury of international advertising journalists. The top picks hail from 11 different nations, but one of our favs has to be “Long Time No See” from a Canadian…laxative brand. Their storytelling is clever and funny without using cheap toilet humor, which seems like quite the feat for a product selling #2. 

The laughs are traveling far and wide today. Come on, get happy →  

“Worldly fools search for exotic masters, not realizing that their own mind is the master.” 

Ads from the Past


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