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Do You Believe in Brand Love?💓

Talkwalker teaches us about Brand Love & offers an analysis report, too.

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Does Brand Love play a major or minor role in your marketing strategy?

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Love me do – The marketing KPIs to measure your brand love

What’s your next move when the marketing playbook gets thrown out the window? We noticed there’s always one constant. When all else fails. When there’s no clear path. When you’re staring at your computer thinking what in the heck is happening… Brand love should be your focus. 

Talkwalker is showing us how to express this four-letter word in our marketing and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to keep you on track. 

Let’s start with those KPIs. See Talkwalker measured the success and maintenance of brand love using two metrics: 

  • Average Sentiment (AS), or an analysis of language, content, and context of a comment or mention to determine a positive or negative reaction. Aka, how folks feel about your brand.  
  • Average Engagement Rate (AER), or the total engagement divided by total mentions. With this metric, the bigger the better. A high rate says your content is spreading to a wider audience. 

After their industry analysis of over 700 brands, Talkwalker found a pattern. The more followers you gain and the higher engagement rises, the more your overall sentiment drops. After all, you can’t make everyone happy. 

Alright, we’re keeping this love train moving. Next stop, a few quick, industry-specific examples, plus the strategies you should be taking advantage of!

Starting with retail, Talkwalker looked into 50 brands that resulted in an average sentiment of 54.8% (low) and an average engagement rate of 10.20 (high).  

  • Strategy: Let your community guide your content by tackling their issues.

When it comes to the 25+ hospitality brands, the analysis showed an average sentiment of 73.2% (high) and an average engagement rate of 13.49 (high).  

  • Strategy: Throw all efforts on the experience your brand is offering and how that impacts people’s lives.

Talkwalker analyzed 18 other industries on brand love. Smash the button to learn more!

The Brand Love Report

Speaking of analyzing brand love with Talkwalker, their latest report identifies the 50 most loved brands. In this roller coaster of a new normal, an analysis like this can really help up your marketing game. This report covers a list of brands that are: 

  • driving real connection with their communities
  • and increasing brand advocacy and loyalty

Plus, in addition to sneaking a peek of what top brands are doing, you’ll also find easily, replicable strategies to get focused on brand love. Once you offer your name and email, the report is yours!

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Cow Menu

Nothing sells burgers like a fun tune about cows emitting less methane. Yeah, we said it. Burger King is behind this ad illustrating its mission to curb methane output in the cows they source meat from. Plus, it features Mason Ramsay (the Walmart yodeling kid).

Burger King admits they’re part of the problem regarding methane, so they’re aligning themselves with the solution as well.

Ads from the Past

1973, Fisher-Price

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.”

Lisa Gansky


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