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Intro to community-based marketing.

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Are Branded Communities On Your Radar?

A branded community is a group of customers so invested in a brand that they regularly engage with branded content, connect with other fans, and create content for the brand. Here’s what you should know:

  • Community-led growth is a growing focus for businesses, with many identifying as “community-centric organizations” in 2022.
  • This year, more companies are projected to allocate resources to building year-round communities for multiple stakeholders.
  • The 2022 State of Community Management report showed that 88% of C-level executives had positive views towards community programs, up from 56% in 2017.
  • Community-based marketing (CBM) has gained momentum for its success in growing brand awareness, generating data, and nurturing connections with prospects, customers, and stakeholders.
  • McKinsey named community as the “big idea” in marketing for this decade.
  • Community aligns closely with influencer marketing and employee advocacy, with CEOs becoming high-profile online, and influencer partnerships and campaigns showing favorable outcomes.
  • Events and community are becoming more integrated, with a focus on providing pre, during, and post-event networking experience.

Dig in to all things CBM at Meltwater.

Q for You

Were you affected by the Instagram outage on Sunday evening?

Live Webinar: Is Meta Verification Worth it? Insights from a Verified Subscriber

Join HeyOrca! for a 30-minute session with Jessica Vaughn, CEO at Hence Marketing, who has subscribed to Meta Verified and has been testing out the different features that come with it.

Here’s what you can expect on May 25:

✅ Dive deep into the features and benefits of Meta Verified, a tool that claims to boost social media reach, visibility, and trustworthiness.

✅ Hear from Jessica about her firsthand experience with the tool.

✅ Get a chance to ask questions and learn more about whether you should recommend it to your clients.

This webinar is a must-attend for social media managers who have been curious about subscribing to Meta Verified.

HeyOrca Meta Verification

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Prehistoric Planet

Larger Than Life-Sized

To promote season 2 of David Attenborough’s of Prehistoric Planet, artist David Popa and Apple TV+ worked to create massive, true-to-life murals of T-rex, Triceratops, and Hatzegopteryx in natural locations around the world using natural media.

Ads from the Past

Kellogg's, 1964

Kellogg’s, 1964


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