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Is Your YouTube Channel a Brand Video Graveyard?

Are you using YouTube solely as a video hosting platform?

If your account is basically a brand video graveyard, you’re missing out on the potential for video ROI, brand awareness, traffic, and audience growth.

Success on YouTube requires iteration, consistency, engagement, and topicality, rather than a “set it and forget it” approach. Here’s how to revive your channel:

  1. Conduct a channel audit. You can download a list of your uploads by navigating to Analytics > Content > Advanced Mode.
  2. Measure analytics. Take stock of how long viewers watch, what percentage of the video they view, and where the audience drops off, skips forward, or rewatches.
  3. Diversify content. Keep brand videos to a minimum, instead opting for blog videos answering a question or addressing a topic, testimonials, how-tos and demos, webinars and roundtables, and product feature videos.
  4. Engage with your community. Promptly and respond to feedback, answer comments and questions, and encourage discussion.
  5. Optimize videos. Just as you would for your website SEO—conduct keyword research, refine your video’s metadata (title, description, tags), and add a human-centric thumbnail.
  6. Maintain consistency. Set a realistic upload schedule and stick to it.
  7. Collaborate with others. Cross-promo, influencer collaboration, and guest appearances increase your channel visibility.

Check out more at Search Engine Land.

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