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BRB, Swimming in Gravy 🍽

Let’s give ’em something to gobble about.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, the Carney team will be off Thursday and Friday.

THANK YOU to our Daily Carnage readers! We hope everyone has a restful weekend full of loved ones and food made with love.

Be in the Know

The 2021 WeTransfer Ideas Report

What’s the big idea? WeTransfer, a sick FTP tool and awesome creative resource, released their annual Ideas Report. They asked over 10,000 people from 135 countries how their creative worlds have changed in the past year (since ya know, 2020 and 2021 have been game-changers).

The creative industry is always shifting and WeTransfer wanted to get a pulse on it. Here are the big takeaways:

  • Based on the surveys, Latin American creatives are more willing to push their boundaries than their peers in Europe and North America.
  • Gen Z respondents are citing mental health as the main creative distraction during the pandemic, and it’s a big driver for them wanting to switch jobs.
  • While many Gen Z creatives are exhausted with being responsible for a brand’s voice on social issues, 75% say it’s important brands take a committed stance.
  • Women are one of the largest drivers for social and world issues among the creative demographics surveyed.
  • This might not come as a surprise, but budget remains one of the biggest blocks to creative work.
  • The Great Resignation is no joke! 45% of global creatives are thinking of changing their jobs in the next six months. 😳

Check out the full, free report for more stats and for the friggin’ beautiful charts.

Q for You

One more Thanksgiving-related question: which pie is more elite, pumpkin or apple?


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May We All Catch This Vibe

“Warm feet, cold hands” is the mood in this Corona ad featuring Latin artist Bad Bunny. While we aren’t all on a beach this holiday (for all of you that are, keep your bragging to a minimum), we hope everyone is just as relaxed.

Take it easy out there, everyone!

Ads from the Past

1979, Wild Turkey

“When you’ve exhausted all the possibilities. Remember this: you haven’t.”

Thomas Edison


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