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Burger King goes plant-based?

-plus Airbnb competitor, remote jobs, and the first toy ad ever.

Be in the Know

  • Overcast just launched a new feature that’ll allow you to easily share podcast clips.
  • The Impossible Whopper by Burger King is actually real. It’s completely plant-based and will be coming to a BK near you.
  • Marriott versus Airbnb. The largest hotel operator has been piloting a home-share program in Europe. Next stop…U.S.A.
  • Ready to slay the work day? We partnered up with some legit brands to give over $1,200 bucks in gear & money. Feeling lucky?
  • A lot of folks are rocking out with Spotify. They just passed 100m paying users. 🍾

Square or Vertical?

We spend a lot of time interacting with media.

To be specific, U.S. adults spend over 10 hours per day watching, listening or reading content across all their devices.

Any guesses on where most of that media is consumed?

A. Smartphones (65% of total digital usage).

That’s some powerful data.

What does it mean? Our marketing minds need to continually shift to mobile-first customer experiences. 

As we build out mobile-first experiences, video continues to lead the charge.

The folks at Buffer conducted an experiment to settle the score between square and vertical video. Here’s what they found out.

  1. Facebook News Feed: Use vertical video
    -Using the same video content across vertical and square displays, vertical took the cake. The CPC was 26% less expensive with vertical video. The cost per view (CPV) was 68% less expensive with vertical video. The biggest takeaway for us advertisers…Facebook outperformed IG in overall CPC within the feed. 
  2. Instagram Feed vs. Stories: Use stories to inspire action
    -If you’re looking to save a buck on your CPM and CPC, use IG Stories over the news feed. Buffer noted that Stories were 50% less expensive for CPMs and 30% for CPCs than the feed. Takeaway: Stories are great for CPM and CPC, but CPV, not so much. Buffer noted Stories being 71% more expensive on 3-second CPV.
  3. Instagram News Feed: Use vertical video
    If you’re running video ads for brand awareness and engagement, the IG News Feed is your spot. Buffer saw a 187% increase in folks watching over 50 percent of the video. Takeaway: Use vertical video on your Instagram News Feed ads.

We have
a thing
for ads.

Work Remotely

We had a ton of clicks on Google’s new work from home search functionality last week, so we figured you’d like this.

We Work Remotely features remote job postings from legit companies. They get over 2.5m monthly visitors too! 👏

From sales and marketing to programming and customer support, if you’re looking for a remote gig, WWR is your spot.

First Toy TV Ad

Did you know?

On this day in 1952, Mr. Potato Head was the 1st toy advertised on television.

Ads from the Past

Aldi, 1993.


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