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Can we get on your calendar?

plus – Slack vs. Microsoft, scheduling wars, an awesome travel commercial and more.

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3 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work Harder for You

610 million – that’s how many professionals use LinkedIn, and 40% of those visit the site daily. 

45% of LinkedIn users are upper management – think “C-Suite” residents, and 57% of LinkedIn use is on mobile devices.

Whether you’re a consultant, advisor, marketer, designer, etc., you need to spend more time linking in.

Ok, now it’s time to open up LinkedIn and follow these 3 steps to make the most out of it.

  1. Share your voice: Do you have professional work experience? We’re gonna assume that’s a ‘yes.’ So, why not share short and meaningful lessons you’ve learned along the way? LinkedIn is all about connecting with people. Share stories that resonate with your network and beyond.
  2. Use notifications to re-engage with contacts: Notifications should be your best friend on LinkedIn. Why? They’re a super, simple way to re-engage and stay connected with your contacts. Next time you see a work anniversary or new job notification, take 5 seconds and respond directly to your contact.
  3. Put the Link in LinkedIn: Ok, pay attention here. Most professionals move fast. Let’s say someone finds you on LinkedIn and wants to schedule a call or consult right away. Do you have a scheduling link in your LinkedIn profile? Probably not. We suggest a scheduling tool like Woven. It allows you to create custom scheduling links with ease.

No More Scheduling Wars

Don’t you hate having to leave one app to open another to schedule a call or meeting?

Not any more. Enter Woven.

We’ve been using Woven the last month and are giddy about it. It has made scheduling client calls and meetings a breeze.

The scheduling links are awesome. The best part is that you never have to leave the app. You can drop the scheduling links in iMessage, email, Slack and more. Woven also syncs with your Google Calendar and G Suite.

Oh ya, it’s free too. Give it a try today.


We talk about transparency a lot. Well, China Airlines didn’t hold back any punches with this ad.

They broke all the rules of travel marketing in the best way possible.

I think we can all relate to this spot in some weird way or another. Two-thumbs up.

Ads from the Past

Sears 1975. Just take it all in for a second.


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