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The Daily Carnage

Can we help?

Self Promotion

We’re starting a new tradition here with The Daily Carnage. Let’s go with ‘Shameless Plug the week after Thanksgiving.’ 

Hear us out.

For those of you who don’t know, we are Carney; an ad agency based in Pittsburgh, PA.

We’ve been writing the Daily Carnage for almost 3 years now. We feel like we can talk about the agency behind it for one day out of the year, right?

We’re not trying to sell you on anything. We’re just letting you know what we do and how we can help (should you need it).

Don’t worry, normal emails will resume tomorrow.

Be in the Know

In Search Of: Partners in Crime

Pittsburgh-based ad agency, 19 YO, seeking adventurous partners who like to mix pleasure with business. Enjoys Pina Coladas, taking smart risks, and delivering epic results. Must like pixels and dogs. 

Scale Your List

We couldn’t find an email referral system that scratched our itch, so we did the next best logical thing; created our own. It’s called Scalemail.

There’s a reason brands like AFAR and Have Fun Do Good are using Scalemail…

It works.

If your goal is to build a quality list, smash that button below and sign up for a free demo. What can it hurt?

Market Harder

There’s just something about bringing hundreds of hungry marketers together.

That’s why we created the Yearly Carnage; a strategy-driven marketing conference.

Check out what our 2019 conference looked like below.

PS: 2020 date is coming real soon. Don’t miss it.

Ads from the Past

“A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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