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Can you keep a secret?

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Sell Tickets and Get Your Event Seen

Today’s SEO hot tip comes in the form of SEO for events.

If you’re in charge of events or the marketing of events on your team, it’s important to recognize the role SEO plays in audience awareness and visibility in search.

Before we dive into the tactics, let’s discuss where your event can actually show up in search.

  • The Event Pack: This is a search engine results page that is triggered by events based searches. For example; concerts, festivals, tickets, shows, etc. The Event Pack gives you the unique ability to rank in position one, which equivalates to a killer click-through rate.
  • The Google Event Carousel: This search engine result sits above the organic search results just like the ‘Event Pack.’ The main difference is the event carousel will send you to a new search results page. The ‘Event Pack’ sends you directly to the event page.

Ok, now the juicy part.

  1. Use Event Schema: This will be the most important thing you do (talk about pressure). Event schema refers to markup code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. Here’s what you’ll need to have marked up for your event:
    -Location Address
    -Name of Event
    -Start & End Date of Event
    -Venue Name
    -See more here
  2. Use Keywords in Your Event Names: It’s important to research terms that trigger the ‘Event Pack.’ Let’s say you’re running a marketing conference in Pittsburgh on October 4th (ya, we are). You’ll need to know the behavior of the search engine. To do this, head over to Google and plug in a few different terms. To show up on the event pack, be sure to include the city of the event and the context. ie: Pittsburgh Marketing Conference. Easy, right?
  3. Ticketing Marketplaces & Sites: Use a ticketing platform that is certified by Google. It’ll help you appeal to a wider audience and show up in broad event-related searches.

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Monday #Inspo

“No one can ever say you can’t do something. If I fail, I’ll see that for myself. But let me try, let me fly, and I’ll find out.”

Ever since he was a kid, @AlexRoca91’s Crazy Dream was always there. At first, doctors said he was crazy to even walk. Now he’s training to become the first athlete with cerebral palsy to finish the 600km Titan Desert Race, one of the toughest races on the planet.

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Plymouth Fury. 1968.


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