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Pinterest has our total attention.

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👍 Instagram tried to clear up some confusion about Reels and CTA advice.

🌿 The UN Secretary General is calling on agencies to drop fossil-fuel clients.

🥣 Molly Baz is the first pregnant woman to appear on a box of Kellogg’s Special K.

⏳ Instagram is testing “unskippable” ads.

🤓 Infographic: How to get started with TikTok Ads.

🔍 AI Overviews are shown more for these queries and verticals.

🐝 Everything that went wrong with Bumble’s rebrand.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “A bowl of cereal in the style of Cubism.”

Pinterest Captures Total Attention

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Active Attention tactics like big TV moments or high-impact digital sponsorships are hard to ignore—they require conscious focus. But a new study has found that Passive Attention tactics subconsciously reinforce your marketing message, too.

A report by Amplified Intelligence found that media plans targeting Passive Attention drove 6.7x more attentive seconds per $, compared to strategies targeting Active Attention.

When you employ both tactics, you capture Total Attention.

The study found that Pinterest drove 170% more Total Attention compared to other platforms, and Pinterest ads received 7.3x more passive attention and 1.5x slower scroll. Why? People come to Pinterest to take their time.

Here’s the actionable insight:

  1. Put your content in context. Optimize for ad placements that best suit your product or service, through keyword and interest targeting, to boost active attention by 60%.
  2. Make happy ads. Ads with a high concentration of happiness and surprise drove more total attentive seconds than ads with a low concentration of happiness and surprise.

Check out Pinterest’s full blog for more.

Q for You

Does your brand(s) use a third-party Instagram engagement service (i.e. Manychat)?


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Business is its own language, and not everyone is a native speaker.

Steer is a macOS app that helps you refine and iterate your professional writing in ANY app, so you sound coherent and competent across all comms.

Best part is that Steer matches the tone to whatever app you’re in, so you won’t sound too formal on Slack or too Slack-er on LinkedIn. A cool feature that neurodivergent folks will appreciate, especially.


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JCDecaux OOH Campaign

Who Is She?

If this 100-year-old grandmother with 28 Instagram followers could captivate the entire city of Madrid, without any context at all, just by way of appearing in a subway OOH campaign, why couldn’t your brand?

That was David Madrid agency’s strategy to boost ad buys for outdoor advertising company JCDecaux.

And really, that’s the magic opportunity of OOH. Anything that the breaks up the monotony of urban commuting has the potential to draw powerful curiosity.

Ads from the Past

Scholl, 1970

Scholl, 1970


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