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Page speeds, SMS, and sauces.

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How Do People Like to Text with Brands?

“Heyyyy 😉 lol” is not the texting we’re talking about here. In a recent survey, MarTechSeries asked a bunch of Americans how they feel about texting for brand messaging. Let’s go over the results and how to best navigate SMS marketing.

55% Americans prefer a lower-pressure approach for text messages from brands. What’s that mean? Most peeps are ok with brands using slang and casual tone of voice. But choose your words carefully. 

Most recipients are fine with what the kids are saying these days. But watch the abbreviations and ease up on the exclamation points!!! Over 64% dislike it when brands abbreviate words and too many exclamation marks make them want to opt out.

72% of the group said they opt out of texts from a brand after receiving messages too frequently. BUT texts are becoming a new necessity to users.

The biggest reasons people actually LOVE texts from brands:

  • Appointments
  • Order arrivals
  • Cart reminders
  • Subscription reminders
  • Promo Codes

The things they’re not too crazy about:

  • Review solicitation
  • Re-order prompts 
  • Motivational messages

So in summary, keep your texting breezey but be careful not to get too casual. For more stats and insights, check out the full MarTechSeries report.

Q for You

Do you prefer SMS or Emails from brands for marketing messaging?

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No judgment, man

That’s the beauty of your home: you can do whatever you want in the privacy of it. You can’t do all the weird habits you have out in public. McDonald’s knows it. It’s what this UK ad for McDelivery is all about. Your sauce stash, your Big Mac habits, no one’s there to shame you except maybe your loved ones, or pets. But they’ll love you anyway. Hopefully.

Ads from the Past

1967, McGregor

“All my big mistakes are when I try to second-guess or please an audience. My work is always stronger when I get very selfish about it.”

David Bowie


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