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How to Combine Your Email Marketing and Chatbot Strategy to Drive Engagement

Dear fam, we’re gathered in your inbox today to witness the joining of email marketing and chatbot strategy. No worries, we’re cutting this ceremony short and jumping to the good stuff.

Sendpulse is teaching us how to leverage the power of email and chatbots to drive engagement.

Effectively grow your email list using a chatbot. Since chatbots are more conversational, users tend to be more responsive to them versus the disruptive nature of lead forms or pop-ups. So how does one ask for an email address via a chatbot?

  • Sendpulse recommends establishing triggers. Find out which specific actions visitors take on your site that reflect interest. For example, place your chatbot on top-performing blogs instead of your homepage.
  • Chatbots can also be used to offer valuable incentives. Think of content pieces like eBooks, guides, demos, and so on.

Take advantage of chatbots to segment your email list and cater to individual needs.Β It’s been reported that marketers found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

  • Configure your chatbot to collect specific data like demographics, personas, sales funnel stage, prior purchases, or website behavior. Doing this will help you segment prospects based on their qualifications.
  • Then, leverage the collected info to personalized and targeted emails.

Let your chatbot do the heavy lifting when you’re offline. When someone visits your website at 2 am, your chatbot can have a convo with them, offer a personalized solution, and convert them into a warm lead. All while you’re in snoozeville.

  • Once your chatbot does the heavy lifting by grabbing that warm lead, you can then capitalize by guiding them through the funnel. Share content like case studies, testimonials, or reviews.
  • Continue to build credibility and begin to encourage action like booking a call with the sales team.

Sendpulse covers 2 more strategies. Go get ’em, folks!


The creme de la creme of chatbots. MobileMonkey is one of the more popular platforms for its lead generation features. With a free plan available and a paid version to connect to customers in real-time.

Plus, it’s backed by several big-name, marketing influencers like Neil Patel, Mari Smith, Brian Dean, and a few more.

Here’s a guide from the Human Rights Campaign to help us understand best practices when involving the LGBTQ community in marketing and advertising.


The Money Calm Bull

Bulls aren’t typically portrayed as the calmest creatures in the animal kingdom. There’s a reason for this. But taking this on a case-by-case basis, we might just find that there are exceptionally chill bulls.

MoneySuperMarket brings us a relaxed bull who doesn’t seem at all concerned about a freefall from a skyscraper, an asteroid headed to Earth, or a crazy birthday party. This bull is calm as can be and it’s all thanks to financial security.

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1968, Canadian Government Travel Bureau

β€œSalt is like good-humor, and nearly every thing is better for a pinch of it.”

Louisa May Alcott


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