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plus – Amazon announced a whole bunch of things, Stevia, and better funnels.

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6 Tips for Getting on the Instagram Explore Page

It wasn’t too long ago when Instagram had 400m active users on their platform.

Today, over a billion people are actively using IG. 25m of those folks are using business profiles. Take a second and wrap your head around those staggering numbers.

With Instagram hitting all-time highs, it’s no surprise that brands are having a much harder time standing out.

It’s time to explore.

If you’re looking to reach new audiences, we have some gold for you. It’s all about landing on the ‘Explore Page.’

For you IG noobs, the ‘Explore Page’ helps users find new accounts based on their previous likes and follows.

So, how do you land on the ‘Explore Page’? Great question. We can’t make any promises but trying some of these tips won’t hurt.

  • Use hashtags: Hashtags still work. You can use up to 30, although it’s not recommended. Try to get hyper-specific with your hashtag categories. Ie: Use #dinnerrecipe over #recipe.
  • Tag people or brands: Tagging equals more engagement (especially if you’re tagging the right people). Try to find strategic folks to work with that’ll share and tag you as well.
  • Follow the trends: The key here is to incorporate a creative brand spin on trending topics. It might work, it might not. Don’t force it. It needs to stay relevant to your brand.
  • Don’t repost: Reposts and the IG algorithm aren’t friends. Just say no.
  • Use calls-to-action: The goal with any call to action is action (clearly). In this particular instance, we’re looking for engagement. Give your audience a reason to respond by asking them questions, having them tag a friend, etc.
  • Use videos: Videos and the algorithm are friends. Use them and use them frequently.

Step Up Your Funnel Game

Your funnels are about to get a lot easier.

Enter Visual Funnel Maker from Customerly.

✅Create instant behavioral marketing funnels
✅Send messages and email based on your user behavior
✅Choose ready-to-use funnel templates for your marketing
✅Recover inactive customers

There’s a free tier available.

The Sweetest Thing You Could Grow

“I’m gonna turn my backyard into a Stevia grow operation.”

Splenda just made a funny commercial. Who’da thunk it?

Enjoy. 👇

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