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How to Write Great Page Titles for SEO

How important are page titles?

Funny you should ask.

They’re the first thing users see in search results and they’re also used by Google to determine the topic of your page.

So, ya, they’re important. Very important.

Today, we’re sharing a few tips on creating great page titles.

But first, don’t confuse the HTML title tag with the main heading: We’re specifically talking about the HTML tag in the head section. It looks like this. <title>This is an example page title –</title>.

Let’s go.

  • What is the optimal length for a page title? The optimal length for a title is determined by how much of it Google will show in their search results. Google typically displays the first 50–60 characters of a title tag. Google works with a fixed width, so it’s recommended to get your most important keyword in the first half of the title.
  • Should you include your site name? Yes. Your page title needs to have your brand in it. SEO experts used to leave the brand name out believing the “density” of the title mattered more than the site name, but the times have changed. Google could automatically change your title if you don’t include your site name in the title tag.
  • Title for social media: Your title for social media will most likely differ from your Google title tag. Why? Because keyword optimization is less important on social media. Use a tool like Yoast to craft separate page titles for your Twitter and Facebook.

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Bill Nye Explains Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew

Where our nitro cold brew fans at?

The stuff is delicious.



Have a watch as Bill Nye breaks down why nitro bold crew is so good.

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