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Amp up content with Infographics, good looking LinkedIn posts, and the neighborhood kitten.

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Are you a fan of infographics for social media content?

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How to Make an Infographic That Encourages Engagement on Social Media

Infographics include the perfect balance of informational text and engaging images. In the world of social media, that’s a great combo: eye-catching, engaging, and informative. We can’t help but be drawn to them.

Agorapulse is showing us how to make infographics that encourage engagement. Let’s get to it!

  • Be Topically Relevant. Think about current events and things happening in your industry. Ask yourself how you can shed light on some of these relevant topics without straying away from what you do. 
  • Maintain a Good Text-to-Image Ratio. Remember, it’s an infographic after all. Information + graphics. Strike a balance. Convey your info with text and drive the point home with your graphic. Great graphics include maps and charts, but go ahead and shake up the standard.
  • Establish Credibility. This should be a priority outside of infographics as well. Share sources whenever possible so people understand where your info is coming from. Bring in other sources and quotes from leaders in your industry.
  • Include Visual Flow Elements. Your goal is to lead people down a specific path with your content. So make sure the path is paved and can easily be followed. Lines, arrows, and numbers are helpful when keeping people on track. Too much can be confusing and look like a pile of spaghetti. Too little and readers won’t know where to go.
  • Test Your Font for Readability Before You Publish. For starters, make sure the font choice itself is easily readable. Seriously, check. Now make sure everything makes sense on its own and in context. Review how the post will look across different social channels.

Read on for the last step, plus some great examples of infographics from various businesses.

Post Inspector

Everyone wants good looking content. When you put serious time and energy into creating a great piece of content, make sure it looks good wherever you share it. LinkedIn Post Inspector helps you visualize what your posts will look like within LinkedIn.

Paste in your URL and it will display a thumbnail with title and description text. Use this tool so you don’t miss anything or let important pieces fall through the cracks. You can also update data on the content you post when you’ve created revisions. It’s super simple and can save a potential headache.

Insight: The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves, and Why the Answers Matter More Than We Think by Tasha Eurich

For many, self-awareness is one of the ingredients for success. We like to think we know ourselves pretty well, but we can still learn to know ourselves better. In fact, learning self-awareness is a more developable skill than we might think.


Some things seem the same no matter where we go. Chain restaurants like Starbucks or McDonalds around every corner without fail, for example. As much as we get around from place to place, there’s always a degree of consistency.

NZ Post shares this cute ad with a friendly orange neighborhood cat and a post worker who sees the cat everywhere. Just like the cat, the mail has a way of getting around.

Ads from the Past

1986, REMCO

“Spam is a waste of the receivers’ time, and, a waste of the sender’s optimism.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana


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