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Content with Your Content?

This is what it sounds like when doves cry and content needs help.

Quick! No Googling!

(psst –– The answer to today’s trivia Q can be found down below.)

True or False: Dove soap and Dove chocolate are made by the same company.

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What We Learned

Monday: When it comes to getting experimental with your social media, you don’t have to go in blindly. Take a strategic approach to how you introduce different content to your regularly scheduled programming. Buffer gave a 6-step framework for running social media experiments and gave 87 experiment ideas to help you out.

Tuesday: We asked you guys what you A/B test the most and 60% of you said subject lines. Emails have so many variables for performance and engagement. Convertcart gave a whole bunch of email elements to A/B test and the mistakes to avoid when testing them out.

Wednesday: Blog post titles, image copy, subject lines, and headlines are your chance at a great first impression. Designer Blogs gave their 6 tips for writing attention-grabbing copy PLUS templates for you to use on your own.

Thursday: All aboard the case study train! Case studies are an amazing tool for your your sales funnel, your brand awareness, and even your SEO in some cases. Uplift Content explained the top 4 reasons why case studies are important for your brand.

Join the Conversation

Will shared, “Hey all. I’ve created an NFT called Space Hippocorn. Can someone help me get it on the blockchain so I can make a whole bunch of money on it? I’d like to retire, and I think this is my ticket to doing that, just need some help taking the next steps.”

Heather asked, “I resigned from my job last week and while I’m on the search for my next step in my career, I’m thinking of taking this time to get some certifications. My background is being a one-person marketing dept doing a little bit of everything. Any recommendations of what should check out?”

Mel posted, “I just saw a job description that asked for QuarkXpress experience. The last time I used Quark was 2001. Is this something people are using now?”

Alyssa wrote, “Hey hey hey, I am hiring for a role at my company and I’m curious if you all have any places that you like to post jobs for creators aside from the typical Indeed, LinkedIn etc.?Thanks in advance!”

Blood Orange Coconut Marg 🥥


  • 2 oz tequila blanco
  • 1.5 oz of blood orange juice
  • 1 oz coconut cream
  • .5 oz of lime juice
  • .5 oz of agave syrup
  • Ice
  • For rim: lime wedge, salt
  • For garnish: blood orange slice


  1. Rim your glass with a lime wedge and add salt.
  2. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice.
  3. Shake it!
  4. Pour unstrained into your glass.
  5. Vibe out (garnish for extra vibes).

Recipe by @bevsbybeverly

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1954, Ravioli Buitoni

True or False: Dove soap and Dove chocolate are made by the same company.

b. False


Did you already know this fact about these often confused brands?

The two products share the same name but are owned by two different companies. Dove chocolate is owned by Mars, while Dove soap is owned by Unilever.


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