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AI features coming to Google Ads.

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😱 TikTok is aware of a potential risk to brand accounts that has already affected Paris Hilton and CNN.

👀 Google AIOs are only showing 15% of the time, down from 85%.

🫧 Poppi is facing a lawsuit over gut-health claims.

💰 Adidas sold a digital necklace on Roblox for $20k. For real.

🚫 New York plans to restrict social-media algorithms for teens.

👍 Study: Young consumers are more likely to use social media than Google for search.

🛒 Walmart will provide enhanced insights to help suppliers evaluate their marketing strategies.

🍼 What’s next for Swehl following the Times Square billboard controversy?

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “A plate of cookies. Watercolor.”

A Guide to AI Features in Google Ads

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Here’s a brief overview of AI features available in Google Ads that can assist your creative efforts to drive performance:

  • Automatically Created Assets. Generate text assets for responsive search ads and Performance Max asset groups.
  • Dynamic Assets. Generate image assets, sitelinks, structured snippets, and callouts sourced from content and images on your landing page.
  • Asset Generation In Performance Max. Generate custom text and image assets for Performance Max campaigns using text-to-text and text-to-image prompts.
  • Conversational Experience For Search Ads. Generate keywords, headlines and descriptions, images, sitelinks for eligible search ads using a chat-based feature.

And here’s what’s coming soon:

  • Brand Guidelines For Performance Max. Set your brand colors and fonts to be used in auto-generate videos and responsive display ads.
  • AI Image Editor In The Asset Library And In Performance Max. Integrate your Google Merchant Feed products into the image editor in Google Ads. Crop, remove backgrounds, adjust color and aspect ratio, and create variations.
  • Animated Image Ads For Shorts. Automatically generate image ads in Shorts using the images in your account for a more Shorts-native feel.
  • Shopping Ads: 3D Spin & Try on. Show 360-degree views of your products in Shopping ads.

Take a closer look at Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

Were you affected by the "major" ChatGPT outage yesterday?


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Let’s get it on the calendar.


The bug people of Orkin are putting on a show to commemorate the historic emergence of a double brood of cicadas.

On June 8, the brand will host a seven-act symphony of sorts, featuring live performances of songs that harmonize with the singing and rhythm of trillions of cicadas.

The Orkinstra will be held in Springfield, Illinois at 6 p.m., the prime location and time for cicada listening. There’s a even a limited-edition t-shirt that will definitely be boutique gold in a few years.


Orkin is a name you know but never want to need. This effort is an artful way to establish the brand as not only a serious authority in the bug space, but also an appreciator of bugs. That’s pretty cool.

Ads from the Past

Adidas, 1970s

Adidas, 1970s


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