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A Little Creativity Never Hurt Nobody

Homepages and creativity are on the brain this Monday morning.

Q for You

No right or wrong answer – In your opinion, what’s the most important part of a homepage?

Make-Your-Day Kind of News

The 31 Best Homepage Design Examples and Ideas for Your Website

A homepage… It’s the digital storefront. It’s your best salesman. It’s the not so secret weapon that deserves maximum effort. We’re learning from CrazyEgg with a mini checklist to make sure your homepage is doing its job.

  1. Write a strong and clear headline. Put your customer shoes on to understand what would connect with them to take action. Then use emotive or power words to support the main point of your headline.
    • Ex. CopyBlogger’s headline reads, “Build Your Online Authority With Powerfully Effective Content Marketing.”
    • Ex. Uber’s headline reads, “Get There — Your Day Belongs to You”
  2. Don’t confuse your readers with conflicting CTAs. When a homepage has too much going on, the user is left flustered, unsure of what to do next, and will most likely say sayonara. Keep things simple!
    • Differentiate the main CTA from the page so that the user understands it’s the next step they should take.
    • Any secondary CTA’s, if needed, can be smaller and less obvious.
  3. Use contrasting colors. First of all, be daring and create contrast with bold and neutral color combos. Pay close attention to how your colors react digitally. Electric blue might make it hard to read any text.
    • Does it pass the night test? Imagine a customer laying in their bed surfing the web before going to sleep. The room is dark. Will your page be a welcoming sight or will it be the equivalent of dropping their brick-like phone on their face.
  4. Keep the offer or unique selling proposition above the fold. Here’s marketing’s honest truth, your website visitors might never scroll beyond the fold.

This is one of those times where we wonder if we should start adding photos ’cause CrazyEgg has examples with fantastic homepages. There’s a ton more to learn, fam.


Looking for a pretty slick tool to up your color game? Y’all we just spent way too much time playing with a palette creation tool called Coolors.

We talked a bunch about how colors play a fairly big role in your homepage. So if you’re planning a redesign, or want to discover more colors that can complement your current brand, Coolors is the tool to use.

    • It’s incredibly easy to use (almost game-like).
    • Search through a 5 color palette with the push of the space bar.
    • Create your individualized palette with the locking feature.
    • Use the inspector feature to input colors you already have.
    • Upload an inspiring photo and automatically extract the palette.

Work With Us

Who’s here for making first impressions an unforgettable one?

Good, us too.

Our design team is not only dedicated to delivering stunning, captivating creative but providing a sublime user experience, as well. It’s kinda our thing. If that’s the kind of attitude you’re searching for then we’d love to meet ya.

Creativity Goes On

We’re in a time where defying convention is the norm. This leaves us with just pieces of the norm we’re used to. Though it is challenging, it also pushes us to be creative.

Apple highlights the creativity displayed by individuals who are doing their best to make it through the COVID crisis. Creativity can take many forms, from surfing through the barrel of a wave with your carpet to playing a game of chess over Zoom with a friend; these small things can make a world of a difference.

Ads from the Past

1911, Hotel Hofman

“Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love — is the sum of what you focus on.”

Winifred Gallagher


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