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Cups are here πŸŽ„

Scrub that email list! Plus, the holiday season doesn’t start until coffee chains say so.

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Red? Yeah. Green? Uh-huh. Lilac?? We dig it.

To you from me, Pinky Lee!

10 of the Best Email List Cleaning Services

You could have the sickest-looking email, with the best content you’ve ever written…but it could go to waste being sent to a junk list. Email lists need to be cleaned and reviewed pretty often for a lot of reasons. The top reasons being:

  • Lower bounce rate
  • Protect domain and improves sender reputation
  • Increase email ROI and save your spend
  • Lowers spam complaints
  • Improves click rates and open rates

So to make sure you’re getting your best possible list of emails, here are some tools and our favorite feature about them:

  1. Bouncer: Also protects from fake sign ups and spam attacks.
  2. ListWise: They specialize in high volume lists.
  3. Bouncify: You can customize veritification results.
  4. ZeroBounce: Solid monthly subscription and pay as you go options.
  5. Email Verifier by SendPulse: The best email accuracy tool!
  6. DeBounce: Easy integrations, and for smaller lists, 500 emails for free!
  7. Tons of integrations across sales and marketing tools.
  8. Data Validation: Also great or smaller lists with 500 emails for free.
  9. NeverBounce: One of the fastest services in the game.
  10. Bounceless: Some really affordable packages!

MyWPLife takes it even further for you by breaking down each service’s pricing (plus a few honorable mentions), so check out their full list.

Q for You

Are you prepared for holiday campaigns you may be running?


You’ve probably heard of a tool called to give still images transparent backgrounds. Well, meet its beefier brother, Unscreen. It automatically removes backgrounds from videos and gifs! It’s a freebie, so sometimes it’s not going to be 100% accurate, but they have a premium version as well. Try it out on a vid for yourself.

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Llama Drama

Okay, so it’s an alpaca. Regardless, we love the stand-off between a dog and alpaca from this CarMax ad. It’s a tale as old as time: envy. Little alpaca is jealous of the carefree dog hanging out of the car window, driving by, rubbing it in his face. The solution? A new whip with a sunroof thanks to CarMax.

Ads from the Past

1957, Hunt’s

“Aspire to inspire before you expire.”

Eugene Bell, Jr.


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