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Data Harmony 🎵

Measuring metrics is music to our ears…but what about your cat’s ears?

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Measuring the Metrics that Matter

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to optimizing your marketing efforts. How do you track it and what really matters to you? A lot of times it feels like more data, more problems. Luckily, NinjaCat has three steps for you on how to determine which metrics matter most when tracking ROI.

  1. Make sense of platform soup: Every platform does things a little bit differently, and you might be checking 7, 8, 9 different sources. Harmonizing data into a single source of truth, where everyone is talking together, is what you need. A unified look at metrics from multiple platforms while also measuring performance against data is your best way to a nimble marketing strategy.
  2. Time to think deeper on what’s important: Having your data in one spot sets you up for shifting gears without guessing. But if you haven’t been looking at a metric, how do you know how to utilize it? The usual formula is staying focused on brand goals, working backward from them, and optimizing along the way. BUT that isn’t going to work for every initiative. You have to think harder about individual goals and pivot points.
  3. Optimize data visualization: Consider how you are presenting that information back to the big stakeholders, clients, and sales teams that want insights, not just colorful dashboards. Deliver data that your audience cares about most. Luckily there are automated ways to do that in different formats, but always make sure your reporting is scalable for deeper insights.

Analysis by paralysis is easy to do, so you want your data to work together, and in turn work for you. Digital marketing is always going to have new metrics to measure, and staying on top of that means using the right data tools. Check out NinjaCat’s full guide on how to best measure your brand’s data.

Q for You

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Crowd Curiosity

Wanna know what your audience is thinking? Ask them!

Scalemail Polls is your tool to ask your users questions right at the source, built in to your email or site for them to answer.

Find out how to integrate this tool to start polling your audience for insights and their opinions by smashing that button!

🎵 Everybody wants to be a cat 🎵

Whiskas released a feline fantasy of an ad that makes us hope we come back in life as well-fed house cats. Beware of this catch cat-calling tune getting stuck if your head. (A meowlody? We’re sorry.) It was actually composed specifically for pleasing cat ears. Whiskas has a whole album of kitty songs to accompany this “Purr More” campaign.

Ads from the Past

1978, Wate-On

“Get rid of everything that is not essential to making a point.”

Christoph Niemann


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