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Dinosaurs Aren’t Good at SEO

Or at least that’s what Rand Fishkin says.

Marketing Podcasts: 11 Resources Worth Listening To

::wakes up, rubs eyes:: “It’s freakin’ Monday already!?”

Yeah, we know the feeling, fam. Today seems *extra* Monday too since last week was a short one. So we’re easing you into the week.

With the explosion of podcasts, we had to share AdEspresso’s list of podcasts that you need to know about. Let’s do this!

  1. DigitalMarketer – Co-hosts Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely interview key industry players. Keep in mind this isn’t a beginners podcast.
  2. The E-commerce Influence Podcast – A podcast for online marketing and ecomm executives. New material is delivered almost every week. You’ll learn tips to convert site visitors into paying customers.
  3. The Paid Search– Work with AdWords on the daily? This is your podcast. Google Adwords gurus, Chris Schaeffer, and Jason Rothman are your co-hosts. And trust us, those two know their stuff.
  4. Nerd Marketing – If you want advice from someone who is still walking the walk. Listen in to Drew Sanocki on the Nerd Marketing podcast. You’ll get clear, actionable, and data-driven e-commerce strategies.
  5. Rainmaker Digital – With a cast of eight marketing professionals, this podcast serves up experienced and diverse perspectives. New episodes are published a couple times a week and covers just about everything.
  6. Online Marketing Made Easy – Want a gal who knows the biz? Listen to Amy Porterfield. Amy is upfront and honest about her teachings. Her podcast is specifically aimed at small business and content is delivered step by step.
  7. The Art of Paid Traffic – Interested in learning how to use paid traffic to grow your business? This podcast hosted by Rick Mulready has a killer mix of beginner tips and advanced tactics.
  8. The Social Media Pubcast – If you want pro advice but with a buddy in a bar vibe, Jon Loomer is the guy you wanna listen to. This podcast can be general in topic but typically incorporates underrated topics too.

There ya have it. Click-through for a few we couldn’t fit in here.

SEO “Dinosaur” Tactics That You Should Retire

A couple of holdovers from the prehistoric era:

  • Chickens
  • Sea Turtles
  • Crocodiles
  • Certain SEO tactics

Hold the phone. That last one doesn’t fit! What’s going on here? Well…unlike chickens, sea turtles, and crocodiles, there are a few old-school SEO tactics that have no place in modern marketing.

Our favorite SEO pro, Rand Fishkin, is digging (get it!? like archeology!) into what those tactics are, why you should bury them, and better alternatives. Grab a shovel and get into the dirt with Rand…

Dino Tactic #1: Using AdWords’ Keyword Planner for keyword research

There’s a bunch of reasons why you should stop using Adwords’ Keyword Planner for SEO purposes. To sum it up, KP is inaccurate, hides certain queries, and lacks insight into keyword difficulty.

Instead, start using clickstream data-driven tools. Specifically ones that give you Difficulty and CTR. Rand recommends tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Keyword Explorer.

Dino Tactic #3 (we skipped #2): Prioritizing number one rankings over other traffic-driving SEO techniques

Look, it’s time to accept the fact that you’re not going to rank #1. In fact, sometimes #1 doesn’t even have the highest CTR.

Instead, focus on SERP features, like featured snippets. Featured snippets don’t always get their info from the number 1 result. In Rand’s research, he’s found that results as low as #7 can land the featured snippet. Other SERP features include image SEO, local SEO, Twitter SEO (yep, that’s a thing), and a whole lot more.

Dino Tactic #4: Moving up rankings with link building alone

Let’s say you’ve got a page that ranks #9 for a certain search. If you want to increase it, what are you gonna do? Probably some link building. But, you can’t stop there. You should also work on improving the page, itself.

Improve the content, increase the page speed, reduce your bounce rate, increase your CTR, and don’t forget to create supporting content. Multiple blog posts related to the same topic can help that original page move up the rankings.

We’ve only unearthed 3 tactics here. Rand has 2 more for you 👇


We all have that guilty pleasure commercial. When it comes on, you secretly hope no one tries to change the channel.

But it’s weird ’cause it’s a commercial. Who enjoys watching commercials?

Well, there’s one commercial that this writer (Gloria) loves watching. It’s the commercials for Dior. I find them so enchanting like a freshly baked apple pie. I’m also a huge fan of Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, and Jennifer Lawrence. And since they’re typically in Dior’s commercials…it’s like the stars aligning.

So when I came across Dior’s most recent ad, I had to share it with my fav fam. Unfortunately, my boss doesn’t share my affinity for the Dior commercials…but I’m going rogue and featuring this ad anyway. Take that, Mark!

And I know you all have guilty pleasure commercials too. I’m not the only one here, so tell us in the FB group.

“Make your customer the hero. Tell your customers’ stories about how they solve problems using your product.”

Waynette Tubbs

Ads from the Past

Can you beat an ad with hand-drawn lettering? No. No, you cannot.

We went way back in time to find this one — all the way back to 1872.


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