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Ditch These Things Right Now

No, seriously, do it.

Be in the Know

  • Calling all gamers….HP just released a $5k, 65-inch gaming display. We’re not sure how old school ‘Mario Kart’ would look on this beast of a screen, but apparently, it makes for a great computer monitor as well. Make sure you sit at least 15 feet away.
  • PSA: Don’t get scammed this tax season. If you receive an email from a ‘higher up’ asking for your W-2, proceed with caution. Scammers are stealing folks information and filing fake tax returns aka stealing your money. 
  • “Hey Samsung, did we just become best friends?” Samsung became the first TV maker to have direct access to iTunes content through the new “iTunes Movies and TV” app. Apple views this partnership as a way to get in more homes before they roll out their streaming service. Well played, well played.

The Messy Middle

Scott Belsky is kind of a big deal. He sold Behance to Adobe in 2012 for $150 million and became an early investor in Uber, Pinterest, and Warby Parker.

That’s just the highlight reel though. Those accolades didn’t come easy for Belsky. He left a cush job with Goldman Sachs to start a scrappy, bootstrapped business called Behance in 2006.

We’re currently reading his book ‘Messy Middle’, which is all about enduring, optimizing and making it through. It’s a great book to kick off your new year with.

Ditch These 3 Things Now

A quick Google search for ‘funny 2019 resolutions’ yielded some legit funny stuff:

@LandonAnderson: I have like 9 New Year’s resolutions and I’ve already mentally given up on about 6 of them.

@SwtngTwng: I am really unfit. Running for a train has almost done me in. A new years resolution of never running again I reckon.

@mjs030: My New Years resolution is to be more active. Sexually.

@CarneyandCo: Ditch these 3 influencer marketing practices in 2019….

The New IM
As marketing budgets continue to shift to social media, influencer marketing remains one of the best ways to tap into audiences and broaden your reach.

Fun fact: Influencer marketing is predicted to be worth $101 billion by 2020.

As you incorporate influencer marketing into your 2019 strategy, make sure you ditch these 3 things.

1. Getting hung up on follower counts:

According to a 2017 survey by Edelman, 49% of internet users worldwide said they trusted information from online personalities with a small following, whereas only 36% said the same of well-known online personalities.

2. Writing over-prescriptive briefs:

When done right, influencer marketing shouldn’t look forced or fake. Let your influencer do their thing and have some fun with the campaign.

3. Letting content live and die on social:

A lot of brands fail to use their influencer assets to their maximum potential. Whatever you do, make sure you find other ways to amplify the content captured by your influencer.

Takeaways: Choose a micro-influencer with stellar engagement. Stay away from overly detailed briefs. Repurpose influencer content.

McDonald’s Gets It

Top 3 hangover cures, go!

We suppose the best cure is to limit alcohol altogether, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. McDonald’s plus UberEats knocked this one out of the park in one of the most relatable videos we’ve seen in a while.

Ads from the Past

So mild, athletes smoke as many as they please – and that’s real mildness. Can you imagine Usain Bolt puffin’ on a Camel before running a 9.58 second 100m race? Times have changed.


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