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Learning From the World’s Best Instagram Profile: Cristiano Ronaldo

The latest edition of Mention & Hubspot’s Instagram Engagement Report has revealed that the world-famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has once again bagged the prize for the most followed person on Instagram this year, with nearly 400 million followers!

Here’s a few things that Cristi does well that you can copy today, no million-dollar budget required:

  • Post regularly 🗓️: You’ll notice that celebrities tend to post every day. Maximize your visibility on your followers’ feed and catch them when they’re online.
  • Vary the type of media you post 🎞️: Take advantage of all the options Instagram gives you! Ronaldo mixes it up regularly, and posts stories, videos, carousels, reels and single image posts.
  • Keep it clean and simple 🧹: Sometimes the best message is the simplest one. Even with his sponsored collaborations, the message is simple, understandable by everyone and is presented in sharp, aesthetic way.
  • Be relatable 🙋: Cristiano often posts a casual selfie, or a proud dad moment of his kids – just like anyone else would – to remind the world that he’s not too different to us. Not every post needs to be shot by a professional photographer!
  • Don’t forget your core values 💌: While there is a visible a mix of family, casual and promotional content on his feed, we certainly don’t forget that Ronaldo is actually a world-class sportsperson. He keeps his followers updated on his professional progress, shares his big wins and shows off what he does best – which is why many of his fans follow him.

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Q for You

We all know we're supposed to be doing this, but how often are you A/B testing your content?


Calling all video creators, editors, and streamers! We got a tool for you.

Tagboard is a production platform that easily creates interactive live programming for any connected screen. Access pieces of content from every major social network, like Tweets or TikToks, to bring the voices of viewers right into your programming. You can also use polls, heatmaps, trivia, and more to make your content more engaging.

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Asking for Answers

Marketers wish we could read minds…

We can make content all day that we think our audience loves, but we don’t know until we ask them. We also don’t know their hobbies, habits, or history until we ask them.

Scalemail Polls is a polling system that can be built right into your email system and website so you can ask your subscribers questions at the source.

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Toddler Resistant

Waterproof is cool, but baby-proof is where it’s at.

Apple’s iPhone ads have been all about real life and real time use. Their cameras have been shooting the ads for them the majority of the time and now their showing off their durability. What better torture to a phone than a toddler tornado?

Ads from the Past

1964, Seagram’s


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