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Do you even Yahoo?

plus – how to optimize your landing pages, the new GoPro, and music for your mood.

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The Art of a Landing Page

If you aren’t using landing pages to convert leads, you’re doing it all wrong.

Don’t believe us?

Hubspot conducted a study that showed that marketers saw a 55% increase in leads when they increased the number of landing pages on their site from 10-15.

The main distinction between a landing page and any ol’ page on your site is that a landing page is designed to capture customer information with no distractions (ie: navigation).

Just because you’re using landing pages doesn’t mean they’ll actually convert. It’s all about that optimization.

So, here are 4 parts of your landing page to focus on to increase your leads.

  • Offer: Your offer is the crux of your landing page. To formulate a solid offer, focus on your headline and your call to action. Make sure these two elements are above the fold so folks can see them without scrolling.
  • Form: Your form needs to be as simple as possible to avoid friction in the prospect’s journey. To keep your form simple, just ask for the minimum amount of information possible. Whatever you do, don’t overwhelm your prospects.
  • Trust: How can you achieve trust in a matter of seconds? Design, relevant trust icons, real testimonials, and clear privacy policies. Look no further than Casper. They nail all of these things.
  • Visuals: Enter the visual hierarchy. Your visuals should guide the eye of your customer to the highest priority sections of your landing page. You don’t want your images competing with your call to action. They need to complement each other.

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Music for Any Feel

Alright music lovers, today’s tool is for you.

It’s called Moooodify (4 o’s).

Moooodify connects to your Spotify and lets you sort your music by any mood you like and save them as playlists.


World Vision is flipping the script on fundraising.

“For the first time, the power to choose is in a child’s hands.”

Learn more about #chosen here and check out the video below. 👇

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