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Does it create a spark?

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Declutter Your Marketing Plan Like Kondo

Any Marie Kondo fans in the house?

For those of you not familiar with Marie, she’s a famous Japanese organizer, author, and consultant.

Her method is simple when it comes to organizing; Place your hands on all of your items. If they don’t spark joy, discard them.

So, how does this methodology relate to marketing? Stick with us.

The folks at MarketingProfs outlined a way to think of your marketing plan like Marie.

  • Kondo says: Lay out all of your clothes on the bed. Marketing translation: Idea purge. 
    • In the words of Michael Scott, “CONFERENCE ROOM NOW!” Bust out those whiteboards and assemble your marketing team. No idea, concept or strategy is off-limits. Fill as many whiteboards as you can. The sky is the limit.
  • Kondo says: Pick the clothes that mean the most to you. Marketing translation: Narrow it down.
    • When done right, your marketing plan should attract new customers, retain current customers and enable your team. Take some time to focus on initiatives that excite your team and spark joy.
  • Kondo says: Fold things neatly. Marketing translation: Focus on one thing. When you fold an article of clothing, your sole focus is on that particular piece. Apply the same principle to your marketing plan. Focus on one channel, activation, tactic, strategy, whatever at a time. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to all of the things.

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