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Don’t forget to change your clocks

plus – our fan-favorite Friday recap.

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Facebook Friday

We hit 9k members last week! Let’s keep it going. 

Here’s what went down this week:

  • Katie says, “I’m on a committee to choose a new project management tool for our department. I’m diehard #TeamAsana and I’m going head-to-head with a dev who uses the word “Jira” as often as he says “the”.Has anyone here integrated Asana and Jira? Any feedback?
  • Alyssa says, “Local restaurant, multiple locations. So – a page for each location or central/single page? I can think of pros/cons for both but would love your input/experience. I’ve tried researching best practices, but not finding much.” Thoughts?
  • Molly says, “At this company, our work emails aren’t set up on Google so as of right now once a month someone emails an excel spreadsheet around as the marketing calendar. That doesn’t seem efficient to me. So I need to know, what marketing calendar websites do you use?”
  • Kelly says, “Has anyone ever paid for “enhanced listings” on Yelp? Did you see any major differences from the standard listing? If so, what were they?” 

Top Posts of the Week

  • The ultimate PDF for building high converting landing pages. (via Unbounce)
  • How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist. (via Hubspot)
  • 12 Key Instagram Updates from 2019 That You Need to Know About. (via Social Media Today)
  • 25 Disastrous Marketing Fails That Actually Happened. (via YouTube)
  • 12 Frightfully Fabulous Halloween Marketing Campaigns. (via Outbrain)

Drink of the Week

We’re gearing up for some Halloween parties tonight with a Jolly Rancher Halloween drink.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup soda water or seltzer
  • 3 tablespoon Torani Sugar Free Watermelon Syrup
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

Drink it in! Recipe by MyLifeCookBook.

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