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Don’t let the customer get lost

plus – Skype upgrades, the customer journey, rookie moves and more.

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It’s All About the Journey

How many GPS users in the house?

Whether you’re using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, (sorry MapQuest) one thing is certain, the app is guiding you to your destination.

When it comes to marketing, we need to channel our inner GPS with our customers.

Enter the customer journey map.

Your customer journey map is crucial when it comes to identifying your most valuable touchpoints. Having a strong handle on your customer journey will allow you to see where conversions are happening.

Here’s how to create your own customer journey map.

  • Talk to multiple departments: It’s time to make some new friends and move beyond the walls of your marketing department. Talk to sales, customer service, HR, and more. The goal is to get a 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Identify key touchpoints: Your goal here is to do a deep-dive into your data and current marketing efforts. Ask questions like: Are we losing customers because of our hard-to-navigate website? Did a customer decide to go with a competitor after seeing a Facebook ad? Why would a customer be persuaded to work with/or purchase from a competitor? You get the point.
  • Use data to tell a story: In order to fully understand your customer, you must dive into the emotional journey. Intuit does a great job of mapping out emotional plot points of their customers’ journey. Check it out here.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t get overwhelmed with every single detail. While there’s a lot to unpack, focus on pairing down your information to zero in on what matters most.

Pro tip: Use a spreadsheet or flowchart to lay out your customer journey map.

Simple UTM’s

Build your campaign URLs and save them for future use with Simple UTM.

Btw; it’s free.

Thank a Rookie

“Today is somebody’s first day of work. It won’t be met with any fanfare.”

We’ve all been there. New tasks, new people, and new challenges.

Kudos to Carhartt for capturing the realism of being a rookie.

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