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Don’t Take it Personal

Why it’s time to stop personalized emails and start getting real.

How to Find New Growth Opportunities

Did you guys know that The Daily Carnage was born out of the idea that our marketing team should stay on top of hot tips, tactics, tools, and news? 

We’re pushed everyday to find the most efficient marketing strategies, promote growth, and build that bottom line.

That’s where today’s Listen is taking us, starting with how constant learning can help you find new growth opportunities. Plus, two more key points. All in under 5 minutes! We call that a Friday win.

  • (00:33) Why learning is the easiest way to find new growth opportunities. And why following marketing is the easiest way to learn.
  • (00:40) How newer avenues, like Quora ads and LinkedIn ads, can help with your learning process.
  • (01:00) Marketing School keeps the hosts relevant because they’re accountable to their audience—just like the TDC!
  • (01:25) Why you should assess your competitors and what you should keep an eye out for. You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and BuiltWith for this. 
  • (01:42) Why you shouldn’t use ad blockers.
  • (01:58) Websites you can visit to take your landing pages, marketing strategies, and copy to the next level.
  • (02:07) How Land-book & can help.
  • (02:15) Engage with Facebook Groups like Badass Marketers and Founders (BAMF).
  • (02:45) Don’t forget about conferences and events!

Why it’s Time to De-Personalize Your Emails


Are you still using that to start off your marketing emails? Back in the day, when email personalization first became a thing, it was a “best practice.” It made the email seem personal. But now with more a gajillion automated emails being sent every second, people know your marketing emails aren’t personal. So why are you pretending?

Here’s the next phase of email marketing: de-personalization. You can actually build more trust with your audience by de-personalizing your emails and just being authentic.

MailShake (don’t you dare start singing “Milk Shake,” Jordyn) has the full scoop on how and why you’re gonna want to de-personalize your emails:

  1. Stop with the first name thing already. When you get an email that starts with your first name, do you think, “OH WOW! THEY KNOW ME!” Probs not. You probably don’t even notice it. That’s why newsletters like theSkimm, The Hustle, ::shameless plug incoming:: The Daily Carnage, etc. don’t do it. It just doesn’t matter, and you wouldn’t notice anyway.
  2. Provide value without asking for anything in return. Not every email you send needs to include a CTA or a link to “Read more.” For real, you can just send an email that has all the value the reader needs right in it. They’ll thank you for it later. Audience building guru, Michael Hyatt, puts it this way, “This phenomenon is what I have come to call the 20-to-1 rule. It means that you have to make 20 relational deposits for every marketing withdrawal.”
  3. Hone your writing voice. Your writing voice makes an email way more personalized than using someone’s first name. Take time to define who your audience is, and how they would like to be talked to. Drop the jargon, corporate-speak, and cliches. Think about theSkimm. Their writing voice makes it feel like it’s a friend writing that email directly to you. That’s powerful. That’s personalized without being personalized. Take some tips from yesterday’s Read

All the value you need is right up there ^^^ but you can still check out the post below.

Get More Out of Giving

We’re keeping the cuteness coming with today’s Watch. It’s actually more like a short Disney film than an ad, so you know it’s good. The music even sounds like something in a Pixar movie.

The spot for Very, an online retailer based in the UK, stars a little girl who loves giving gifts. Probably more than receiving them based on the grand adventure she embarks on to personally deliver her own gift to Santa. Good thing she has her trusted stuffed wolf.

It’s about as whimsical and lovely as holiday adverts come. Animated by Againstallodds, the spot took over 12 months to create while the animators perfected every stunning detail—all the way down to fur so soft you can almost feel it.

The result is an ad reminiscent of Disney’s “Frozen” that has merchandise to match! For real, you can buy the little girl’s coat, her stuffed wolf, and matching wolf slippers.

Now, that’s how you market during the holidays.  

“Winning a yoga race. It makes no sense, of course. 
The question this prompts is: Are there places you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually no race?”
Seth Godin

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