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Don’t try this marketing stunt…

plus – customer conversations, Facebook groups, and SEO Monday.

Be in the Know

What are Your Visitors Doing and Why Should You Care?

It’s SEO Monday!

Today, we’re talking about your website visitors.

We all know that research is the backbone of a solid optimization strategy, but research will only take you so far.

To take things to the next level, sometimes you have to ask your customer(s) to talk to you. One of the easiest ways to get your customers to talk to you is to include a top task survey pop-on your website. There are quite a few ways to implement these pop-ups (visit the tool section 👇).

What to ask your customer?

This depends on your product or service and what you’re trying to learn about your customer.

The easiest place to start is to ask: “What is the purpose of you visiting this website.”

The goal is to encourage people to be as specific as possible.

Whatever you do, don’t try to influence your customers’ answer. Again, your question depends on what you want to learn. It could be a demographic question or how did you hear about us? Keep it simple.

What to do with the answers?

Consider breaking your answers into different categories. Your goal is to take the data and create actional steps to optimize your content based on your results.

Get Your Customers to Talk to You

One of our favorite tools for collecting customer data is HotJar.

The interface is seamless and the pricing is more than fair for what they offer.

From heatmaps to survey pop-ups, HotJar has everything you need to learn about your customer’s behavior. 

Try it for free today.

Let’s Find More…

“Let’s find more that brings us together.”

We’re big fans of groups on Facebook. We hold our own very near and dear to our hearts.

Check out Facebook’s latest ad spot promoting Facebook Groups. It’ll warm the heart.

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