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Drum Roll Please…

Whose content made it into today’s special edition?

Happy Friday, crew!

Today is Subscriber Content Day! That means all the content in today’s newsletter comes from you guys. Y’all submitted so much amazing content that we legit couldn’t fit it all in.

But, don’t worry, if yours didn’t make the cut today, you might see it in a future Daily Carnage…

Flip or Flop: The Purchase Funnel vs. The Brand Ladder

Raise your hand if you use the purchase funnel strategy? ::raises hand::

Now, raise your hand if you use the brand ladder strategy? (uhh…the…what?)


Okay okay, we’re super pumped about this piece from Reggie Sinon at PHOS. If ya haven’t heard of the brand ladder strategy, no worries. PHOS is here to clear it up.

The good news is the purchase funnel has worked well in the past. Its structure helps identify how people interact with your biz. You know, the whole brand awareness, consideration, intent, and purchase spiel.

The bad news? Well, we aren’t in the past anymore and it’s time to adjust just a tiny smidgen.

Here’s why the Purchase Funnel hasn’t made it past evolution.

  1. It only projects sales in the short-term.
  2. It assumes that customers move toward their purchase decision in predictable stages.
  3. In the purchase funnel, current revenue is more important to your business than brand-building.
  4. It values acquiring customers over retaining them.
  5. It assumes that those who don’t buy from your business have no value.

The Brand Ladder.

Definition incoming! The Brand Ladder measures how a company moves a customer from satisfaction to empowerment. Empowered customers = loyal customers.

Breaking down the Brand Ladder

  1. Satisfaction to Delight: Generate excitement around your brand, build trust, and surprise your customers.
  2. Delight to Engagement: Build loyalty by creating a sense of belonging and emotional attachment.
  3. Engagement to Empowerment: This is the deepest level of attachment and can generate consistent growth.

Do you need to change?

PHOS, unfortunately, doesn’t have a clear-cut answer for us. But we’re in marketing, when is there ever a clear answer?

The best news? The purchase funnel and brand ladder shouldn’t exist independently.

The purchase funnel is still relevant, and without customers, the brand ladder is irrelevant.

The point is you gotta combine long-term and short-term strategies and adapt to both the purchase funnel and brand ladder.

Plenty more to learn from the PHOS team here. You know what to do ↓

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from Your Video Content

Video content is freakin’ expensive to produce. Even when you try to do it on the cheap, it’s still expensive because of the time involved. Compared to blogging, video is, like, a gazillion times more expensive to produce.

It truly is worth the time and money to produce, though. But if you do it, doesn’t it make sense to repurpose that video to give you the absolute best bang for your buck? Yes, yes it does make sense.

Subscriber Rich Cannava is teaching us how to do that today. Take it away Rich…

1) Break Down Your Video Into Blog Content

Let’s say you spent a bunch of money creating a piece of branded content. That’s great, but not always easy to turn into blog content…or maybe it is easy…

Your branded content likely talks about how your company helps solve a problem. Write a blog post about that problem, and fit a section of that video into the blog post.

Follow the simple Problem, Agitate, Solve framework for this blog post. Present your problem, explain why it’s a problem, and the solution is contained in your video.

Jay Baer does this, Neil Patel does this, and so does Brian Dean. If those guys are doing it, you can too.

Bonus: use a service like Rev to transcribe your video to get some keyword benefits from it too.

2) Turn Segments Into Viral Social Content

We’re not the biggest Gary Vaynerchuk fans here (long story, not worth getting into), but he does this really well. He breaks up one video into a ton of clips for social media.

From there, he adds a quote into the video thumbnail that catches people’s attention. You know what? Rather than botch this explanation, just check out his Instagram.

There are still a few more ideas from Rich here. Take the jump for everything…

Cold Call Competition

There’s a bit of tension in the office today. The good kind though! (Don’t worry, it’s not like that time we actually lost our intern, Jennie, while visiting a client…that was intense and truly happened.)

Robert and Dan are competing over who can bring in more sales by lunch. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? Keeps things interesting. But, Robert is absolutely DESTROYING Dan.

Poor Dan is still on the phone with the same lady who has been yapping on and on about how her and her neighbor, Janeen, aren’t friends anymore. Yikes!

But, Robert couldn’t possibly be kicking Dan’s you-know-what this bad if it wasn’t for his secret weapon…

Learn what his secret weapon is in this ad sent in by Claire McEachern. What up Claire?!

Go on and watch…

The Social Media Toolkit

The “pretty freaking dope” team over at Creative Exchange put together a free toolkit of the best social media tools. You’re gonna wanna take a look…

A Few Highlights...

We had a few submissions that needed to be highlighted, but we couldn’t quite work in as feature pieces. Here are a few fav’s:

  1. Intellects – Thoughtful interviews with brilliant minds in business, marketing & beyond. Worth your click.
  2. Talk Trash is encouraging people to reduce office waste increase their recycling and composting efforts. We’re fully here for this.
  3. The Strategy Inside Everything is a podcast about the strategy behind culture, art, business, marketing, and a bunch of other topics.

A 'Gram We Loved

No Ads from the Past today. Instead, RPV created an Instagram post about the rules of the feed. Here’s our favorite rule from them. It’s one that people forget too often.


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