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Short-form trends to try.

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🤝 BeReal has been acquired for $537 million.

💙 Report: These are the most trusted brands in the U.S.

📈 Global ad revenue is expected to grow by 7.8% in 2024.

🧸 The international IKEA Play Report 2024 examines childhood play and its implications.

🍺 Today in “awww” news: A&W Restaurants is giving away free root beer floats for all centenarians—for life.

▶️ YouTube is testing QR codes for channels.

🎧 The median age of podcast listeners is 34, a lot younger than other channels.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “Colored pencils and paper.”

5 Short-Form Video Trends to Try

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Try these 5 short-form video content trends to effectively reach your audience in 2024:

  1. Animation. Animated product demos and explainers “grab the attention of consumers in less than 1/10th of a second.” It’s nostalgic, it helps break down complex topics visually, and it’s especially effective for learning skills, food marketing, and teaching strategy.
  2. Influencer-Style. Have a script, but don’t use it. We’re in the pendulum swing: Viewers are more captivated by authentic, off-the-cuff videos featuring real, relatable people. Opt for vlogs, listicles, GRWMs, duets, OOTDs, and other influencer formats as they pop up.
  3. Sonic Branding. In addition to strategic use of viral sounds and music, a signature sound increases brand association. 20% of young adults are more inclined to choose or buy a product from a brand with a sonic identity compared to those without.
  4. Silent. 92% of people watch with the sound off on mobile devices. That means subtitles, captions, and other visual enhancements are critical to performance. Quality check: does your content hold up on mute?
  5. Microlearning. Breaking down dense concepts produces 4 times higher engagement rates and 50% better knowledge retention than traditional e-learning tools. Test this with tutorials, testimonials, and product demos.

Take a closer look at Springboard.

Q for You

What's your video captioning strategy?

Fock Ups

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Fock Ups lets you add some grit and grime to your otherwise idealistic mock ups.

Why? Well, IRL isn’t always pretty. Design faces real challenges and conditions we should probably consider more.

And also, we have to entertain each other or we’ll $#%!-ing lose it.



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Kraft NotCheese

Not Too Cheesy

The Kraft Heinz Not Company is promoting a new plant-based cheese product called NotCheese.

They’ve brought in master cheesemongers (real mice) to compete in the American Slice Mouse Championship, a ninja-warrior-esque gameshow that culminates in a choice between real cheese and NotCheese.

Guess which option wins!

Ads from the Past

Chef Boy-ar-dee, 1958

Chef Boy-ar-dee, 1958


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