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Dynamic Dynamite💥

A recap on dynamic content strategies and a tool to get it done.

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Dynamic Content Approaches for Personalization

Here’s a reminder with your Monday morning coffee on why dynamic content is awesome ☕️ sip, sip.

It’s not a secret that personalized content get the people going. As marketers, we have more and more resources to provide users more individualized experiences based on their data.

Benefits of dynamic content:

  • A more personalized experience
  • A more guided buyer’s journey
  • More relevancy
  • More automation
  • A higher chance of engagement

Types of behaviors to use for dynamic content:

  • Buying behavior
  • Pages visited
  • Events visited
  • Location data
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Buyer personas

Dynamic content strategies to try:

  • Guided Funnels: Use campaigns based on content the user previously visited versus new users to help guide repeat or warmed up customers differently than new ones.
  • New Content: Sometimes dynamic content is just about keeping your content fresh and new to returning visitors.
  • Targeted Ads: Dynamic content can create a custom ad experience that keeps more relevant content in front of them.

Check out the full post by Search Engine Land for brand examples more tips.

Q for You

Are you utilizing dynamic content?

Movable Ink

Marketers have to be able to create personalized content at scale to support more 1:1 interactions. Movable Ink activates data into personalized content in any customer engagement and is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today.

It helps target individuals based on time, geolocation, device, weather, and other contexts. It also provides the ability to upload multiple creative variations to cater to your entire audience’s needs. Check it out for your dynamic content needs!

Scalemail Referrals

You have the content.

You have some fans of it.

You want to grow your subscribers.

Say less! We have your solution.

Deja Vu Jerky

Would you be excited to see 16 year old you?

Beyond Meat has a released a new campaign for their plant-based jerky. They have people meeting their former teenage and youngster selves. No one remains completely the same and Beyond Meat wants to drive home that “you have evolved, and so should your snacks.”

Ads from the Past

1979, Hubba Bubba


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