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Elon Musk’s Shoes

If Elon Musk made shoes, we think he’d make them like Casca.

Boutique vs. Legacy: How to Succeed as a Direct to Consumer Brand

Listen up! Today’s Listen is different than most. Why? Because it’s our Listen (whoa, how many times can we fit “listen” into the intro of this?) That’s right, we just released episode 2 of the Carnage podcast. It was a long time coming (client work gets priority over the podcast…you know how that goes), but we’re so stoked. So without further ado…

If Elon Musk ever decided to launch a footwear brand we think it would look and feel something like Casca.

Two guys from Vancouver Canada have been cooking up something special in the cobblers lab. The result? A shoe designed for future builders. Casca co-founders Kevin Reid and Braden Parker are on a mission to accelerate a brighter future and they believe it starts at the ground level.

We had the privilege to catch up with the team just before their first product launch. In our discussion, we unveil the process of a boutique brand navigating the sea of legacy giants, the future of brick and mortar, and the potential pitfalls of influencer marketing.

Challenging common practices and adding more value than the price tag are just some of the core takeaways from this 24-minute episode.

As always, here are the show notes for you. But we definitely recommend you listen to this one.

  • (02:45) The Casca guys set out to create footwear that does it all. There’s nothing out there that combines quality with versatility.
  • (04:02) Their plans to compete against the huge footwear brands already out there.
  • (05:52) They went with the direct to consumer essentially to keep costs lower. Working with distributors and shoe stores would’ve caused their price to increase too much.
  • (07:30) Casca is releasing shoes based on climates. They’ll have hot/cold and wet/dry shoes.
  • (11:12) Start with Why is one of Braden’s favorite business books.
  • (13:34) Influencer marketing for them is more than just, “Here’s our product. Go talk about it.” They work to build relationships with their ambassadors.
  • (15:14) Kevin and Braden do Skype interviews with every influencer before agreeing to work together.

So much more in this one. Dive in to get all of it.


Common Marketing Challenges (And How to Solve Them with Video)

“85% of businesses would like to create more video content in 2018”

Holy moly, Wistia really hits the nail on the head with this blog. As a marketer, that quote either makes you want to cry uncontrollably or flip a table. We personally opt for angry Erin from The Office. We just feel she embodies all of our emotions when it comes to the frustrations of video-creation.

Marketers have to jump into the video pool because our audience demands it. And it’s our job to appeal to potential fans so they become lifelong buyers of our products. But, have no fear guys. We got you.

Well, Wista for sure does. We’re just the super excited messengers. Anyway, their crew is going over the need-to-knows about creating a video when resources are thinner than our patience.

1. Make a small budget count.
If you’re given the green light on one video because of money and time restrictions, attack it with a repurposing strategy. Some things you can consider are promoting through email signatures with a video thumbnail, break the video into pieces for digestible clips on social platforms (Insta-stories, FB Campaign, LI) or blogs, and get your sales team on board for additional material during outreach efforts.

2. Create budget friendly, in-house vids.
Don’t get consumed with needing high, professional technology. Instead, invest in a phone tripod and external microphone because the Apple iPhone has the ability to shoot stunning footage. And it’s in your pocket right now, so you’re halfway there.

3. Embrace lighting that fits your brand.
We talked your eyes off on this point yesterday. Essentially, natural light is so undervalued it’s truly unfortunate. If you want to express genuine, authentic content then look for any chance to utilize natural lighting. Wistia also recommends creating lighting specific to your brand. They, for example, adopted minimalist and flexible philosophy for lighting.

4. Where does time go in such a hurry?
Time is money, and we’re saving you both time and money with this one. Less produced videos actually have a place in the world on social media. In areas like an expert interview (testimonial) on Facebook Live, question responses on Twitter, and weekly videos on Insta-stories. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with video on a webcam, or Wistia recently launched Soapbox. And it seems pretty useful.

Read the full article for more recommendations and more detail.

Moment of Joy

Ya know that feeling at work when all you want is just a little yum-worthy somethin’, somethin’? And you remember that small tub of moose track ice cream hiding in the back of your fridge? While typing up a blog post you fantasize about adding strawberries, chocolate chips, and other flavorful toppings…

You finally get home, rush in the house, grab a bowl, put your legs up, and experience that spontaneous burst of joy that’s annoyingly short-lived.

What a scrumdiddlyumptious moment of joy. Chocolate makers, Alpen Gold, launched a campaign capturing that exact moment with individuals both young and old. This ad works because it potently emphasizes human senses with visual stimulation and capitalizing on real emotion.

We 100% want Alpen Gold chocolate right now. Don’t you?

“You cannot be everything to everyone. If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time.”


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