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Conversational commerce is the talk of the town.

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4 Types of Conversational Commerce

Investment in conversational commerce—the online tools that e-commerce brands use to communicate with customers—is projected to grow to $290 million by 2025. These tools help brands to streamline the purchase journey and customer experience (CX):

  • Chatbots: With AI technology, chatbots respond conversationally to customer inquiries for you. These can be set to pop up and provide guidance to users without prompting.
  • Messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other pre-existing messaging apps can be integrated into your site with API, plugins, or widgets.
  • Voice assistance: This software can enable users to make purchases with voice tools like Alexa and Google Home. It’s also an important component of online accessibility.
  • Live chat software: This software connects users to a real, on-call human for customer support. It works best for complicated queries and complaints.

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How do you feel about SunnyD’s risky crossover to the hard seltzer category?

SunnyD Vodka


SimpleTexting lets you send SMS marketing campaigns and engage in two-way conversations with customers in real time. Reach your highly engaged subscribers with personalized messaging, announce sales, and track your results.


H&R Block Fair Shot

Fair Shot

Female athletes receive only 23% of name, image, and likeness (NIL) money almost two years after the NCAA permitted sponsorship deals. H&R Block’s “A Fair Shot” campaign returns for a second year, as the tax brand teams up with Jambys and Fabletics to support 50 athletes across 13 sports to level the playing field.

Ads from the Past

Campbell's 1961

Campbell’s, 1961


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