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We’re not BS’ing you on this

plus – IG updates you should know about, poop data, and should you blog?

Be in the Know

Instagram Updates You Should Know

Instagram made a few updates this month and they’re big ones.

And because our goal is to keep you sharp, here they are:

  • Augmented Reality: While AR is still trying to find its place, the benefits will likely be huge for marketers. Whether you’re wanting to see how a new lipstick looks or new furniture in your living room, AR is going to change the buying process for sure. Instagram is testing an on-platform AR shopping feature with select advertisers 🙌🏼. The release date is TBD.
  • Direct Messaging App “Threads” Is Released: Stories meets DM in this standalone direct messaging app called Threads. “Right now, Threads is extremely user-focused.” The interaction for businesses will likely come sooner than later. #Monetize.
  • Set Reminders for Product Launches: If you’re in E-commerce, this is great news. This new feature allows “businesses using the shopping platform to learn about and preview products that aren’t even officially for sale yet.” What’s really cool is that you can add a sticker to your story which will indicate your launch date. Potential customers can then set a reminder with a click of a button (directly from the story).

And now you know. 🤘🏼

App Mockup

AppMockUp is a platform where mobile app developers can create the most compelling screenshots for the App Store and Play Store. It’s fast, easy and free.

Here are some inspiring examples.

Need an app?

Facebook Question of the Day

Mary says, “Do people read blogs anymore? My organization has a weekly post, but they’re time-consuming to write when we have other stuff on our plates. I’d love to hear the Carnies’ feedback on this!”

Shot on iPhone 11

Any Selena Gomez fans out there?

The pop star shot the video for her much-anticipated comeback on an iPhone 11 and picked up over 50 million views in the process.

What Else We’re Reading

“I don’t need time, I need a deadline.” 
Duke Ellington 

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