Fall, we're not ready 🍁 - Carney
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Fall, we’re not ready 🍁

What happens when a straw and a fork have a baby? Ask our FB Group.

Did Ya Know?

(psst – see the answer to today’s trivia Q at the bottom!)

How did Google capture a street view of the desert?

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What We Learned

Monday: This summer, there were some core Google updates and marketers felt it. Ranking fluctuation and some changes in best practices were at the forefront of those updates. Search Engine Journal covered why there was a “Titlepocalypse” and a summary of Google algorithm updates.

Tuesday: We covered marketing trends and highlights of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that included the big name athletes with even bigger brand deals, the ads we awarded medals, and TikTok’s influence on media consumption.

Wednesday: Oof! Look at all those stats. Influencer Marketing Hub put together a list of 60 video marketing stats and we listed some that we found the most interesting. And with LinkedIn retiring Stories after the demise of Fleets, it’s interesting to see what platforms are staying on top.

Thursday: Essential Accessibility gave us the checklist for making your website accessible. And who doesn’t want to make their site a whole lot better for user experience across the board? See if your website could use some review.

Join the Conversation

Zoe shared this gem from Original Cup Noodles:

Pamela asked, “What’s your fave question to ask a hiring manager that gives you insight about company culture? TIA! I’m prepping for an interview tomorrow for a Dir of MarCom role at a nonprofit and somehow, phrasing eludes me 🤦🏻‍♀️”

Lindsey wrote, “Has anyone in here had experience with coding boot camps? I’m looking into making a career shift (probably not a full change) and have already been pushed toward more and more development work without really having the skill set. It seems like it would jive well with my marketing experience, but I was hoping to get feedback from someone who has actually gone through the process.”

Morgan posted, “I don’t understand why Instagram “improved” resharing posts to Stories by making it take like 5 more clicks than it used to grrrr 😤”

Cruisin' in a Side Car


  • 1.5 oz Cognac
  • .75 oz Cointreau
  • .75 oz Lemon Juice
  • Crushed Ice
  • Sugar Rim


  1. Rim a cocktail glass with a lemon and dip in sugar.
  2. Shake all ingredients in a shaker tin.
  3. Strain into a rocks glass.
  4. Top it off with more crushed ice, if ya feel like it.

Recipe by Thrillist

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Ads from the Past

1936, Australian National Travel Association

How did Google capture a street view of the desert?


c. They rode a camel 🐪

A cutie named Raffia trekked the Liwa Desert for our street viewing.

We’ll see you again on the 7th. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


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