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plus – Spotify stories? Favorite Mailchimp features and Flowcharts.

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How to Use Mailchimp’s Audience Dashboard

When he’s not working on the vision behind a new brand or project, our very own Creative Director, Rich enjoys writing an article or two.

In today’s tactic section, Rich breaks down how to use the Mailchimp audience dashboard.

Mailchimp is a robust platform for us marketers, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are two features in Mailchimp we’re most excited about, why we love them, and how they can inspire your strategy:

-Email Marketing Engagement:

What is it?

Your subscribers’ level of engagement (frequency of opens and clicks) are broken down into three categories: Often, Sometimes, Rarely.

Why we love it?

Open and click rates tell you how individual campaigns are performing. On the other hand “Email Marketing Engagement” tells you how your audience is responding. In other words, this feature puts the focus on the people you’re communicating with not just the messages you are sending.

How can you use it? Go here.

-Likelihood to Purchase Again:

What is it?

This feature is for eligible paid accounts. Here you get a predictive model specific to your customers’ behavior. Subscribers are broken down into three categories based on their predicted likelihood to purchase again: High, Moderate, Low.

Why we love it?

Because we love machine learning, of course! (Well, we might change our minds when they become our robot overlords, but in the meantime…) The more likely a customer is to make multiple purchases, the greater their predicted lifetime value.

And, once again, these categories are instantly actionable right there on the dashboard.

How can you use it? Go here. 

We have a
thing for

Should I Try This Tool?

If you want the simplest tool to create flowcharts then yes, you should try it.

But, before you do, check out the ‘24 Most Important Flowcharts of All Time.’

Hint: Funny. Not important at all. 

Give Zen Flowchart a try. We give it 2 thumbs up.

It All Ends This Sunday

We know we have a bunch of GoT fans here.

Considering it’s the last episode ever this Sunday, 😩 we couldn’t pass up the chance to feature the preview here.

If you don’t watch GoT, don’t fret. We got you. Watch this instead. 🐶

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